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Title: Companion Test ó Are you straight male companion material?
Post by: Maxime Durocher on February 06, 2013, 07:03:37 PM
Hereís a simple test that will tell you if you are suited to be a professional male companion for women. It has been designed by a companion and a patron and reviewed by members of this forum. Each of the following questions will determine if you have what it takes.

For any comments, please post in its inception thread: Pointed questions to men who what to break into the companion business (

1. Do you like women?

You need to, of course, but not only that. You must have a passion for them, and everything about them. You must be knowledgeable about what they like, and be interested in those subject matters. You must see them as either equal to men or better.

2. Do you want to have sex with lots of different women?

You are in the wrong business if that is your goal. Some women might not even be interested in having sex with you. For a lot of them, sex will not even be their first goal.

3. Do you like how the sex of a woman tastes?

You better enjoy their taste and be skilled at giving oral sex to a woman. You must be able to read a woman's non-verbal clues, and switch things up when what you are doing is not to a woman's liking. Itís all about pleasing a woman, and thatís something many women really like.

4. Do you like it when a woman gives you oral sex?

Good luck with that. If a woman wants to go down on you, she will, but you are not in a position to ask for that privilege.

5. Do you know women are not interested in your cock?

You may think the world revolves around your cock, but women do not actually want to hear about your size, girth, length or the shape of your precious appendage. Furthermore, women are not interested in your prowess, either. Get that straight in you head. Do not go into this thinking about sex.

6. Can you have sex with women you have never seen?

You must be able to appreciate a woman for who she is. If you cannot see inner beauty, go play somewhere else. Chances are you will not know what she looks like beforehand. That should not matter to you.

7. Do you think your physical appearance is important?

You must always take good care of yourself, be clean at all times, and look good. A woman can easily pick up any slob in any bar she wants. She is looking for a professional, and paying for quality.

8. Do you like talking to women?

You have to like having long meaningful discussions with women. You must be willing to discuss anything and everything, not just sex, else, most women will lose interest in you. You must also be a good listener. They are not interested by self-absorbed egocentrics. Furthermore, itís not all about talking, you must be able to charm your lady using whatever communication method they prefer. That includes emails. Writing skills are paramount, since all first contact are done in writing.

9. Can you give support to women?

When they feel either insecure or are challenged with a personal problem, you must be able to deal with those emotions, and rise up to the occasion. If you cannot deal with that, then forget about being a companion. The whole idea is about empowering them, making them feel beautiful, bringing out the best in them, making them laugh.

10. Do you like to be in charge?

You better be able to take a step back when a woman wants to take control, and then be ready to take charge when she wants to relinquish control. Clues can be subtle, and you need to be able to tell when they want to lead and when they want you to take the lead. Remember, itís all about her.