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Title: Endorsements for Lucifer
Post by: Admin on August 16, 2013, 06:05:58 PM
Date of encounter:  Late May/Early June 2013

Name of companion:  Lucifer

Location of encounter:  Wellington, New Zealand

Duration of encounter:  Overnight (s)

Physical description of companion:  well over 6 ft tall, broad shoulders – reminded me very much of a former rugby player in his stature and build (strong, but not “cut”), lovely cleft chin.  Not a GQ model,  but rather a “manly man” as we refer to it in the States.  Mid to late 40’s with a diffuse sprinkling of gray.  If I had not enjoyed his company, I would have considered hiring him as a bodyguard/security for a night on the town.  

Attitude of companion:  pleasant, a bit eccentric (which I really enjoy in a fellow), well spoken, very protective of me as a woman, discreet, sensual.

Would you recommend this companion to others:  Yes

Please describe the experience: 

Despite the whole Lucifer, Lord of Darkness connotation, Lucifer has always been one of my more favorite contributors to the forum with his  insightful, humorous,  and occasionally wickedly irreverent submissions and interactions with the ladies on the board.  Too bad he was so far away from the US….

When there arose a conference in my field that had originally been announced for Christchurch, NZ and was subsequently relocated to Wellington due to the earthquake damage in Christchurch in 2011, I began thinking that perhaps this was the time for me to finally spend some time with Lucifer.

So, I made an appointment.

I communicated via email for several months with “L” and found him witty and charming with an encyclopedic knowledge of music and musicians from many different eras and many different styles.  When I arrived in Wellington and finally dispensed with my jet lag and a couple of days of sightseeing and conference attending, I was treated to hearing his voice for the first time on the phone – a lovely and distinctive New Zealand baritone with a hearty laugh - as we made plans for the next evening.

Wellington is a lovely and well laid out harbour city.  Capital of New Zealand with all the historic government buildings, culturally gifted an ethnically diverse population and nurturing of the arts,  the moniker of “The Best Little Capital in the World”, a strong shipping industry with the harbor bordering the town and home of “WellyWood” – Peter Jackson’s home base and location of his studios of “Lord of the Rings” and “Hobbitt” fame.  I thoroughly enjoyed my conference and the sights of the city during the day, but I found what I really yearned for in the evening was relaxation, warmth, and “cocooning”.

We met in the lobby of my hotel with plans to take a look at my room to see if it would accommodate a massage table and to follow with dinner.  We were both a bit tentative, but after an enjoyable conversation in the lobby, we [...]

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Title: Re: Endorsements for Lucifer
Post by: Admin on August 16, 2013, 06:14:04 PM
Title: Re: Endorsements for Lucifer
Post by: Admin on January 19, 2015, 04:33:11 PM

Date of encounter:  December 2014

Name of companion: Lucifer

Location of encounter:  Escondido (meaning hidden in Spanish)

Duration of encounter: Just shy of 7 full days

Physical description of companion:
Even though he did not like it, I called him the idiom “Gentle Giant.”  His behavior and stature remind me of other south sea island peoples, as well, tall and broad of shoulder. Plus, for his size he walks with grace.  He has very well proportioned facial features, lips to nip and a smile to make one smile back.  I enjoyed watching him stretch out his long body within a living room chair to read.  I observed a man who is comfortable within his own skin.    
Attitude of companion:
Fun, peaceful, gracious. Unconventional (which is who I enjoy being with).  He was always calm and self-assured, kind, brave and sensuous.  Lucifer was quiet spoken with a willingness to listen, discreet, very witty, and entertaining.  An analytical thinker and very handy to have around when one is riding the edge.

Would you recommend this companion to others:  Yes

Please describe the experience:

Escondido was my first full week dwelling in the land of me and He.  As days and nights went by the air became clearer, stars brighter, the sky more blue and time slowed.  This is a direct correlation to the care Lucifer gave me.  He fed my needs, provided my wants and allowed me to Be. I enjoyed feeling my hand enclosed in his and I never felt we were out of step.

I am a woman who works within an industry with stats of 9% women to 91% male workers. This is in administration and craft.  Holding my own with these odds makes me occasionally lose my female identity.  Plus, it does not help when I am not left alone on my “holiday”. This is one basis for me to engage a companion.  I am grateful Lucifer put up with the disruptions and listened one afternoon.  This is a testament to his excellent listening skills as I vented. Lucifer more than assisted me to reclaim my femininity and our time.  I felt validated, dainty and treasured.  [...]

There is only one word I know in the dictionary to describe an experience that has been continuous for over 5 years…Friendship.  I refuse to say Escondido was a zenith of our relationship. [...]
Most mornings I was able to watch the sun rise from our private patio.  I made coffee, ate breakfast, watched hummingbirds dart among the bushes, looking out among the desert mountains wondering if having separate room suites was a good idea. LOL Thinking back, it probably was the best thing to do for the both of us on this long of a stretch.  One would have to ask Lucifer if it was as good for him as for me. <giggling here>  


As for “ladies first”…totally true.  Even foremost was trust.

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