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Title: Endorsements for Hayden Astbury
Post by: Admin on February 22, 2015, 10:41:17 PM
I wanted to share info on an independent straight companion, Hayden Astbury.  He has a website, and on twitter @HaydenAstbury.  His pictures are not up quite yet but will be soon.

I had invited him to join me last year for my birthday celebration in Santa Fe, NM. He was, as usual, on time (midnight from Albuquerque). He was at the door with an  appropriate wardrobe,  a sunny smile and happy exuberant greeting. Up at 8:00 A.M. the next day, he was a wonderful companion as we traversed through Georgia O’Keeffe territory, museums and Taos for four days and three star filled nights. I had rented a car and had another gentleman as a Professional Guide for one day. Hayden drove and talked with the Guide as I sat in the back seat.
Yielding control and decisions to Hayden is a negotiated arrangement. I feel free from worry and stress once I submit.  Hayden is trustworthy, steadfast and very capable as he handles our funds and schedule as he leads me through our time.  We went from a house tour in Abiqui, where we had an “Ah Ha” moment regarding one Juan Hamilton.  ;) Onto a lovely picnic under broad leaf cottonwood trees in a lavender field and on for a lovely time traveling to Taos over the Rio Grande Gorge.  Breathtaking!  We stopped at a small museum named after Millicent Rogers ( (  I highly recommend this museum for one to see a wide range of Native American and Southwestern art this wonderful woman collected during her life in the New Mexico.  To hear more of the persons, Georgia O’Keeffe and Millicent Rogers was empowering to me as a feminist. Besides a shine on how femininity does not need to be lost as I follow my desires and needs.  That evening Hayden selected the restaurant and arranged our reservations for dinner. As we dined the wait staff assumed, we were celebrating our wedding anniversary.  High praise on how others perceived us.

Our next day was spent in Old Sante Fe. Our Inn was within walking distance of the plaza and Georgia O’Keeffe Museum.  Within the museum we, also, saw an excellent exhibit of Ms. O’Keeffe’s paintings done in Hawaii and an outstanding representation of Ansel Adams photography of Hawaii.  Next, onward to a buying stroll with certified Native Indians in the plaza.  You ladies know what a pleasurable experience one may have with a gentleman who strolls with not a care to the time it takes one to peruse art purchasing.  Hayden is very patient.  To free my joy and happiness in full form and have a gentleman enjoy my enthusiasm is very validating and empowering. Sharing Santa Fe with Hayden was as illuminating as the sun shining in the desert sky.

Hayden is an intelligent gentleman of outstanding character. He delivers on our engagements with safety, honesty, respect, and care. His sense of humor with manners and personality makes him a joy to be around. I have had business dealings with him for more than five years and am honored to know him. I recommend him to all discerning ladies.

Title: Re: Endorsements for Hayden Astbury
Post by: Admin on March 22, 2015, 08:42:47 PM
Date of encounter:  March 2015
Name of companion:  Hayden Astbury
Website of companion:
Location of encounter:  Chicago
Duration of encounter:  My girlfriend and I spent 6 lovely hours with Hayden.
Were his photos and description accurate?  He sent us a few pictures before we met, and he looked exactly the same (if not cuter) in person.
Physical description of companion:   Hayden had beautiful brown eyes that sparkled when he smiled.  He looked adorable and sexy in a fitted black t-shirt and dark jeans.  It was a little chilly that evening, so he was wearing a beanie when we first met.  We loved this look  :)
Attitude of companion:  He was very laid back, sweet, charming, quick witted, and silly.  He was exactly what we were hoping for.
How did the companion make you feel?   We were a little nervous at first, but Hayden put us at ease almost instantly.  We felt safe and comfortable with him.  Lots of smiles and laughs were shared.
Please describe the experience:  We had been talking about [...], but this was a very new and sensitive situation for us, so we were careful about who we picked.  We knew we had made the right choice within moments of meeting Hayden.
Dee (my girlfriend) and I felt a little shy about going out in public, so we opted to stay in and order food from our favorite Thai place.  We had also decided beforehand that it would be a good idea to have some kind of activity planned to loosen ourselves up a little, so we spent a good couple of hours playing cards and drinking red wine.  Hayden was hilarious and so much fun!  And on a more personal note, his [...] were to die for.  Chills all around!  We also appreciated that Hayden was [...].
Would you recommend this companion to other ladies?  Absolutely.  You won’t regret it.

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Title: Re: Endorsements for Hayden Astbury
Post by: Admin on March 22, 2015, 08:51:31 PM
* Date of encounter: March 7, 2015
    * Name of companion: Hayden Astbury
    * Website of companion:
    * Location of encounter: San Francisco
    * Duration of encounter: “A Life Time Out” was a 5 hour break in my stressful life.
   * Were his photos and description accurate?: Yes

   * Physical description of companion: I didn’t ask but I believe he had gotten a recent haircut. He is a quick stepper and Hayden had a wonderful smile of greeting.

   * Attitude of companion: Happy and full of good cheer.  He radiates, “I love life” with a devilish twinkle in his eye.
    * How did the companion make you feel? Over time I feel we have evolved into intimate friends.  Hayden and I stay connected with the occasional “Hello! through the weeks or months since our last engagement.  I feel validated and a mutual happiness to our friendship. I treasure our time together.

    * Please describe the experience – I was in need of this A Life Time Out.  Hayden stopped the world and I was allowed to breathe for the first time in months. This engagement was a sparkling jewel of an afternoon from being in the stress mine over the last few months.  The ride up out of the dark bowels under San Francisco and into the light of UN Plaza, was a perfect beginning to leaving life behind for a few hours. This was a Friday afternoon tryst in the City by the Bay.

I am unwinding sitting across from the fountains in the UN Plaza, people watching, doing deep breathing exercises and not a care in the world for the day is so bright and blue.  I start snapping pictures and sending emails to others who I would enjoy sharing such a day.  Hot text - UBER has lost my paramour!  On such a day I did not mind. I start tapping my feet to a tune playing by a violinist street entertainer behind me.

There he is...I see him walking towards me and my heart lifts. As Hayden gets closer, he smiles, opens his arms, gives me one of his excellent kisses,  and the world falls away.

Please understand I had absolutely nothing planned. My special scheduled event was to be wrapped within Hayden’s arms. To hear his voice, to touch him and know he is here when I wanted him to be. To hold his hand as we walked in the bright sun the two blocks to our hotel was a joy. To hear him telling me about his UBER experience and him describing the driver and others for me to see what he saw as he was lost.  I felt wanted.

Hayden also understands when coming into what I consider my backyard, it is difficult for me to drop what is rolling in my head.  He is playful and fills me in on the little things that make his life move.  A perfect way to “take me away from my life” catch up to him.

The Weekenders have jump started the weekend! Our hotel room had a sliding glass door with balcony.  Our view was of both Russian and Telegraph Hill.  We left the sliding door open for a breeze to come in.  The reciprocity of two friends to enjoy a slice of time and share the feelings of my favorite time of day.  Our time and location were perfect for remembrance.  I am fortunate and full of wonderment how these pearls of location come in my direction.  There we were just west of Market and we saw the sky change at sunset, the bright orange of moon rise just left of Coit Tower, and not only Coit Tower’s lights come on, but the Friday night wake up of The City.

We left as we came in, laughing and holding hands as he considerately led me back to BART.  Kissing me one last time at the turnstile.    

   * Would you recommend this companion to other ladies?  Others should consider experiencing a Hayden kiss and the safety of his arms.