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Title: Endorsements for Smith Curren
Post by: Admin on August 08, 2009, 03:18:06 PM
* Date of encounter: June, 2009.

* Name of companion: Smith Curren

* Website of companion:

* Location of encounter: Seattle.

* Duration of encounter (how much time did you spend together?):  I booked Smith for his 4 hour dinner date rate.

* Were his photos and description accurate?: As I said in my newbie post I first met Smith randomly at a show in Seattle via a mutual friend (a female escort that I’ve known for years). I remember him being dressed down in jeans, a surf movie t-shirt & a hat. And unlike his pictures on his site, he had his lip ring in. Despite meeting him dressed down, in face & body, yes he looks like his pictures. When we went out for dinner, he was dressed in a suit & tie and then he definitely looked like his pictures even without seeing his eyes or lip ring in the shots.

* Physical description of companion: Attractive & sexy! Smith's site says he is 5'8" which would be right because I am 5'4" & I had 3" heels on for dinner & he was still a bit taller than me. He has short dark hair that he wears kinda spiky & dark brown eyes that crinkle at the corners when he smiles (great smile btw) & laughs. Oh something that online people would never know, Smith has a deep voice! The kind that makes girls swoon.

          Smith is not your just stepped out of GQ chiseled model, but he has a good body & is definitely sexy. I loved his arms as I am a sucker for strong arms (he said they get a major workout from surfing)! So I know he will hate this (sorry Smith!), but apart from his handsome features, he has a boy like cuteness about him. He has a cute little tummy & freckles like a redhead would have (Smith, is there a redhead in the family?) but they were definitely part of his appeal.  I wanted him to wear his lip ring when we met because I was intrigued by it. It looks great on him, but I could see how some traditional ladies may want him to take it out. From my adventures with him, I did not see that Smith has any tattoos hidden or not (Smith? Tattoos?).

* Attitude of companion: Wow. Lots of different words to describe Smith’s attitudes! Cheery, comforting, cool, sexy, down to earth, charming, funny & relaxed.

* How did the companion make you feel?: I was really nervous when we met up for dinner even after meeting once at that show. I had hired a male companion in Hawaii about five years ago, but that was away from home & just felt different. We were out in a neighborhood that I know well & was worried I would run into someone &  have to stumble through answers. But instantly Smith made me feel like we had been friends for some time. He joked & laughed a lot at dinner which made me relax. My nervousness came back a bit when we got to his apartment, but again his laughter did the trick. Altogether, he made me feel comfortable and when the time was right he made me feel sexy and pampered.

* Please describe the experience: I really wanted to try Umi for dinner, but they were full. I had told Smith I would take care of reservations & then spaced doing it during my work week (sorry again Smith!). We ended up at a little hidden sushi restaurant in Tangletown that Smith knew about. We drank chilled sake and laughed our butts off sharing stories & the like. He asked if he could hold my hand at the table while we chatted. I looked around & didn't recognize anyone, so I said yes. We talked about everything! My work (which he never seemed to tire hearing about, bless his heart), his art, surfing, dogs, where I grew up & my family.
          After dinner we took a cab to Capitol Hill to his apartment. I mentioned the cool decor but he said it was not his doing. He has a couple pieces of his art on a wall which I was happy to see in person (he had sent me a picture of his art earlier in the week when I asked about it), but I guess the rest of the apartment was decorated by his friend that he shares the space with when she is in town. Who cares who decorated it though, I really liked how inviting it was! Good lighting (important for us ladies over a certain age!), candles & music that I had requested for the night (Nina Simone).


* Would you recommend this companion to other ladies?: Definitely!
Title: Re: Endorsements for Smith Curren
Post by: Admin on August 12, 2009, 11:38:24 AM
* Date of encounter: August 2009.

* Name of companion: Smith Curren

* Website of companion:

* Location of encounter: Las Vegas

* Duration of encounter (how much time did you spend together?): We started at 5:00 p.m. and ended around 10 a.m.

* Were his photos and description accurate?: Yes, he was cute, sexy, and adorable in this quirky way.  It would be easy for any woman to become infatuated with him. ;)

* Physical description of companion: He has brown, spiky hair, brown eyes, and freckles. He wore the exact same suit that he wore in a professional modeling photo he has on his website (he calls it his “70s suit”, I think it looks more 40s to me). He is of slender build, and has a very nice body. He is a little taller than me (I’m about 5’5”, he may be about 5’8” or 5’9”), and when he walks he kind of has this little strut, which I thought was so cute. I told him he looked a little like Jon Cryer from Pretty in Pink (Duckie), and he made a face, but that is definitely a good thing! (Duckie’s “The Man”! LOL). He looks a little older than 29, but that’s definitely not a bad thing. :)

* Attitude of companion: Smith is the most fun dinner date you could hope to spend an evening with. He has no airs or pretentions at all. When you think of male escorts, you think of a smooth, debonair, suave playboy wearing a tuxedo, but he’s this genial surfer dude, the last guy you would expect to be in this line of work, but that actually works in his favor, if you want someone who is genuine. I never felt like he was acting or just doing a job. He is who he is – what you see is what you get.

He also has a great sense of humor – we were cracking up laughing at all these silly things. He is also a good conversationalist (plus he has a sexy voice). We never ran out of things to talk about. I felt like he was like an old friend I had known for years instead of a couple of months (we regularly exchanged phone calls and emails before we met). He was very polite and gentlemanly in public[...]

* How did the companion make you feel?:  Like a queen [...]. It was easy to relax around him. I was kind of nervous, even though I hired a companion before (which was a total disaster), but he was able to make me feel at ease.

* Please describe the experience: I planned a “Vintage Vegas”-themed date for the evening. I got a room at the El Cortez Cabana Suites, which is a retro-modern boutique hotel that looks like it came out of Rat Pack-era Vegas. He met me at my door and handed me a red rose, and wished me a “Happy Birthday”. That was so sweet of him! Then I gave him the donation along with a very funny card that made him laugh.

After that we took a cab to the Sinatra restaurant at Encore. Since he’s a big Sinatra fan, he was ecstatic. We had a wonderful dinner and afterwards, as we were walking through the casino, he tried to give me some PDA, which I’m not too crazy about (even with past boyfriends), but I let him kiss me on the cheek. He never stopped holding my hand, which was so romantic.

After dinner, we went for a walk on the Strip. I got to be his personal tour guide. We stopped at Starbucks at Fashion Show Mall and he had his signature drink, an iced Americano while I had a strawberry Frappuccino. We talked for a little bit, then we went across the street to the Venetian. Too bad we didn’t get to go on a gondola ride – it was $16.00 a person! A little too pricey IMO.

Later we walked around the pool area at the Flamingo and I showed him Bugsy Siegel’s plaque. [...] then we walked to the Bellagio, where we saw the fountain show. I was thinking about heading to a free burlesque show at the Foundation Room after that, but I decided not to torture Smith any more than I already did by making him wait. ;-) After the show, we took a cab back to the hotel.


* Would you recommend this companion to other ladies?:  As much as I would like to be selfish and keep Smith [all to myself], I would recommend him to any lady who wants to pamper and spoil herself. He will definitely make you feel special. You’d be wasting your time if you tried to look for someone else (although he said if he’s in Vegas, he’ll be busy – sorry, ladies! LOL). ;)

Title: Re: Endorsements for Smith Curren
Post by: Admin on January 12, 2010, 01:59:16 AM
Date of encounter: November 2009   
Name of companion: Smith Curren   

Website of companion:   

Location of encounter: Las Vegas, NV

Duration of encounter (how much time did you spend together?): I hired him for six hours (5 p.m.-11 p.m.)

Were his photos and description accurate? He was even more handsome than from when I remembered him and much sexier in the flesh.

Physical description of companion: He wore a charcoal gray suit with a black tie. He looked elegant and sophisticated. He added his own little unique touch to his outfit, which were vintage cuff links made out of typewriter keys. Classic Smith.

Attitude of companion: Relaxed, fun, flirtatious, happy, seductive, and sexy. Everything you’d want in a perfect dream date, or a gentleman, for that matter. He was always romantic, holding my hand, [...], and embracing me.

How did the companion make you feel? He was able to put me at ease, as always, and I was happy and excited to see him again after what seemed like a long time. Ironically, I was even more nervous than I was on our first date, but once he opened the door and I saw his beguiling smile, all my fears and anxieties melted away. He made me feel romantic, sexy, and desired, like a real woman.

Please describe the experience: I met him at his room at the Flamingo. Unfortunately, they decided to give him one at the end of this long, labyrinthine maze of hallways, so it felt like I had to walk several miles until I finally got there. When he answered the door, he gave me a hug and kiss. I was out of breath, and I jokingly told him I would punish him for making me walk all that way to see him. I was dressed to kill that night in a Mad Men/60s-style black dress, pearl jewelry, red stilettos, and a matching red pea coat. I wanted to have a sexy retro look, knowing that he has a fetish for all things vintage.

He laughed and told me he had a romantic gift for me behind his back. He bought me a cute pink flamingo novelty pen that I immediately fell in love with. I gave him a card along with a gift of my own in a red and white polka-dot gift bag, which I thought was funny-looking, knowing he would appreciate my sense of humor. It was a book called Las Vegas: Then and Now, which are a series of before-and-after photos of how Vegas has changed in the last hundred years. We sat down on the couch for a while, had some red wine to drink, and exchanged some flirtatious banter and passionate kisses. It felt so romantic that we almost didn’t want to leave, but we went downstairs to take a cab to the Peppermill, the “mystery” restaurant I surprised him with.

The Peppermill, for those of you unfamiliar with the location, is one of the few true “vintage” Vegas restaurants still standing since the early 70s. Many movies and TV shows have been filmed there. We went inside the Fireside Lounge, which is a cozy place with bright pink and blue neon décor, comfy plush sofas, and a big circular fireplace to sit and have some cocktails. I had a Manhattan while Smith had a glass of merlot. Because I didn’t eat much during the day, I had a little too much to drink. As we were coming out of the lounge, I thought I was talking to Smith, but instead, it was some lady when I turned around. Smith was a few paces behind her. The lady started laughing, but it’s all good. It’s not the first time someone has been a little disoriented and tipsy in Vegas, not knowing who the hell she’s talking to.

We sat at a booth and I ordered a club sandwich with onion rings. I forget exactly what kind of sandwich Smith ordered, but it came with fries. After eating some yummy food, I sobered up and we continued our flirtatious conversation [...]. I finished off the remainder of his wine and we ordered crème brulee for dessert, which we seductively fed to each other, along with a delicious strawberry.

Once I paid for dinner, we walked outside. On the way there, an Asian lady approached us and asked, “Hey, did you two just get married?” I started laughing hysterically. She smiled and asked, “What’s so funny?” I struggled to get the words out. “It’s just such a funny idea to me, that’s all.” Smith laughed too and remarked, “I guess we look that good.” We walked across the street to Circus Circus to catch a cab back to the hotel. On the way there, I hiked up my dress a little [...], which I know he very much appreciated.


Would you recommend this companion to other ladies? Absolutely! Why would you want to hire anyone else?

Title: Re: Endorsements for Smith Curren
Post by: Admin on April 19, 2010, 02:54:41 PM
Date(s) of Encounter: “Spring Fling” - March 13 & 14, 2010 (DST) 

Companion: Smith Curren -

Location: Roseville, CA

Duration of Encounter: I was pretty ambivalent for this meet and greet.  I didn’t even commit to seeing this gentleman until two days before leaving for Roseville.  I had a two and half hour drive, which took three and a half. Traveling for a different rhyme and reason then Professional Companionship.   I will even admit to telling him “Oh, okay, fine - I’ll email you when I get there.”   We met up around 10:45 P.M. - I don’t know. I think it was around 4:30 A.M. I had not changed my watch to reflect - Spring ahead.

Were his photos and description accurate?:

Physical description of Companion: Smith’s eurhythmic correspondence with me over a period of four months was a constant pleasure.  In my mind’s eye, I saw the surfer, the artist, the Bad Boy.  When we finally spoke by phone, I was hesitant and he just left a voice mail for me to hear his voice.  His voice is deep filled with laughter.  I was being seduced with these blind eye glimpses.  It would be late when we caught up and I asked him to stay casual.  My first look - a tee shirt, a black jacket, scruffy strong jaw, a lip ring, mussed hair.  Here WAS my Bad Boy! His website says 5'8" and I believe that is correct.  His smile is open and inviting and he is quick to laughter.  He smelled oh so yummy.  I find him enjoyable and sublime, relaxing, and fun.

Attitude of the companion: Smith’s website states, “I am excited to accompany you in any situation and look forward to sharing unforgettable experiences with you.” One I am willing to vouch for.  Honest. Happy. Flexible. Accommodating. Smith is confident and involved.     

How did the companion make you feel? : Unique. Alluring. Safe. Secure. Unbridled. Pleased. Cared for. Joyful. Happy.  Last but not least, I was teeming. 

Please describe the experience: If I had only one word to use it would be “WONDROUS.”  The whole day I was so pressed for time.  I was in a time frenzy.  I was still a woman of indecision on what time to give the poor guy.  He had seduced me well, indeed, to this meet and greet.  Acknowledging such to myself also made me acknowledge I wasn’t even able to make this meet easy for him.  I informed him when I made it into the vicinity. The drive and arrival were a typical nightmare.  I was laughing so hard because of the plan change from my friends, the trip, and Smith.  My ambivalence was causing an animosity against time.  My commitment to my friends was more important then Smith.  Then I started thinking how rude I was being and I haven’t even met him, yet.  Plus, how was I going to get a shower before meeting him.  I was literally pressed for time and it was only 12:30 in the afternoon! I just couldn’t stop laughing at the whole situation.  At 10:15 that night, I called to tell him I had just finished, what was a game of checkers. Jumping from store to store to get to a Starbucks that wasn’t closed yet (a 45 minute experience).  I still needed to find a liquor store. I wanted a stiff drink!  He said he could be ready in 15 minutes if I wanted to come get him.  He had booked a room in the same hotel.  OMG!!  He was so accommodating.  Here I was leaving him on the hook!  I laughed more and headed to pick him up.  He walked out of that hotel with such a smile and looked so happy to see me that the trials of my day just went, POOF, gone.  His manners were so fluid and automatic I had no thought of being off or out of step.  We got to Wall-Mart around 11:15 P.M.  We waited in Aisle 15 for over an hour. No other checker had the authority to ring us up. So there we were waiting and holding an empty Crown Royal Box.  Rules are Rules at Wall-Mart!  I am still laughing about the whole experience.  I could turn and lean toward him.  I could just tuck my nose where his neck meets his collarbone. I would whisper in his ear imaginary lives of the people in front of us, a family of 3 with two overly packed baskets.  My senses went into overdrive in Wall-Mart.  He smelled so Yummy.  I wanted to be a sponge and absorb him.  I am a woman who does 95% of my life alone, by choice.  I am my best company.  On March 13,  I made the right decision and choose Smith and to not being alone.  I would stand in any line for any amount of time if I had Smith standing right there next to me.  He was the true definition of Male Companionship. 

Would you recommend this companion to other ladies? :  This question is so tough. Deep down I don’t want to share any of them.  LOL  Yes, I recommend Smith without hesitation.  This was a moment of time when Wall-Mart with Smith was well worth more than a day at the spa.  Connect with Smith and find out for yourself.
Title: Re: Endorsements for Smith Curren
Post by: Admin on June 27, 2010, 08:36:38 PM
* Date of encounter:  May 31, 2010
* Name of companion:  Smith Curren
* Website of companion:
* Location of encounter:  Seattle, WA
* Duration of encounter (how much time did you spend together?):  Several hours with a break in the middle of the day.
* Were his photos and description accurate?  Yes
* Physical description of companion:  Dark hair, lovely eyes, taller than me (but who isn’t?), very sexy and handsome.
* Attitude of companion:  Attentive and caring.  Funny, very funny.  Terrific sense of humor.  Chivalrous and sweet.
* How did the companion make you feel?  I was so nervous but he was so very understanding and that helped immensely.  I felt interesting and attractive.
* Please describe the experience:  We had a very nice lunch and then a tour through a museum, followed by a hunt for a nearby Starbucks.  It was a group of us and Smith was well up to the challenge of keeping us all entertained.  An impressive undertaking which he handled with aplomb and an ease that spoke of confidence and skill.  I enjoyed myself immensely and as I was very nervous having the first meeting in a group was a huge relief.  Smith is very personable with an excellent sense of humor.  I can’t emphasize that enough because it is so important to me.  I also found him to be attentive and intuitive to emotions and body language.  At the end of the evening we regrouped for dinner which was so enjoyable I forgot the time and wound up having to get my car out of hock.  (slightly long and not terribly interesting story)  Bless his patience while he waited for me to get safely on the road home.  And also, bless the patience of the lady who was waiting for him to get back from escorting me to my car.  The whole adventure was wonderfully out of character for me.  I definitely plan to see him again if he’s available.
* Would you recommend this companion to other ladies?  Abso-smurfly.

Title: Re: Endorsements for Smith Curren
Post by: Admin on August 30, 2010, 03:03:06 PM
* Date of encounter:   May 28-31 2010
* Name of companion:        Smith Curren
* Website of companion:
* Location of encounter:    Downtown Seattle, WA & Smith’s  “ romantic setting in Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood.”
* Duration of encounter: (how much time did you spend together?) 36 hours over a period of three days
* Attitude of companion: Welcoming. Enthusiastic. Playful. Jovial, Gregarious. Polite. Well mannered. Respectful.
* How did the companion make you feel? Protected. Pampered. Treasured. Wanted.

* Please describe the experience:  In my typical fashion I had jammed packed my weekend in Seattle with an almost frenzied schedule of things to do;  Family, museum, friends, and Smith. Smith has an ability to move in and out of my eclectic schedule as smooth as silk.  Friday started with us being treated with a couple package of in-service massage therapy.  Wheelchair traveling can be such a drag unless you are as lucky as I was. Smith stepped up and handled many details to have my progression through time advance smoothly.  We dined Saturday evening at the Columbia Tower Club, with the only sunset during my stay. ;)  On the way to dinner, Smith and I caught up with each other’s day.  I was so at ease over this weekend with Smith.  How to explain…it was as if I had just seen him last week.  We pick up together as if there had been no break. (
Anyway, Smith was chatting how he had spent his day shopping and cleaning.  My sister and I did a double feature at the cinema.  Smith’s spot on chivalry while interacting with my family was a true gift.  I was grateful for his gentleness, humor and respect toward my sister. Thank you, Smith.  /cheekkiss I never have any internal hitches when around Smith.  [...] 

* Would you recommend this companion to other ladies? Definitely.  There are so many wonderful facets to this jewel of a gentleman.  I cannot wait to drop him into my next adventure and see how brilliant his shine is, again.

Title: Re: Endorsements for Smith Curren
Post by: Admin on August 12, 2015, 10:11:54 PM

Date of encounter: July 31 2015
Name of Companion: Smith Curren
Website of Companion:

Location of encounter: Literally to the side of a beaten path in the South Bay
Duration of encounter: 7 hours
Were his photos and description accurate?  Yes.

Physical Description of Companion: Relaxed, smiling, cool and wet from swimming  ;D
How did the companion make you feel?  Held in respect

I left my office early on Friday, July 31st, to meet Smith poolside.  I had not seen him in a “Blue Moon”.   A Blue Moon can be defined by a rare type of dust in the atmosphere or the second full Moon in a month with two full Moons.  Smith is my Blue Moon.  He makes the air we are surrounded in light and his smile is as bright as the full moon that was shining when we separated that evening.
What did we do?  We caught up with our lives.  There was a lot of talking…in the pool and out, at the bar and out, [...] Please let us don’t forget the cowlick conversation as we got in the occupied elevator, where we discussed my philosophy of how one gets cowlicks in the first place. LOL  Oh yeah, let us remember the conversation with the lovely young woman working in the lobby. How could we not admire her beautiful anchor tattoo and the meaning behind it? Smith listens so well.
Smith is the defender of my well-being. Upon establishing a relationship over the years, he knows what I need before I even know what I need.  He shuts the world [...] I went into the hours slowly sinking into intimacy and able to do so knowing he was capable of protecting my feelings and person during our time.

An eye opening visit for me, I have recognized and admitted I need protection and it was okay to feel vulnerable.  I felt [...] Oh look, the sky has not fallen.

Thank you, Smith for an afternoon of smiles, friendship, and [...].   /makeout The late afternoon and moonrise was way more than the time provided.  I have an overwhelming feeling of gratitude to you for the time to let go and your protection while I fly.   How can others not want to get to know you as I do?

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Title: Re: Endorsements for Smith Curren
Post by: Admin on November 03, 2015, 04:54:15 PM

I just saw him for a fun afternoon in July and here I am in Seattle waiting for him to pick me up at the airport.  As I sit waiting, I begin to wonder what is wrong with the people here. Are they travelers, like me, or getting home? LOL  I’m told it will be chilly.  I’m so hot!  I start thinking of what I have packed. 66 F is not chilly to me.  I had gone directly to the airport from my work and had just come out of 80-85 F weather.  The humidity in Seattle has done havoc to my hair. I look at my watch and geez we won’t have the time to stop at the hotel. Oh well, this is what he gets and he will make me believe he doesn’t care and he doesn’t.  I want to see his smile.  I want to hear his laughter.  There he is coming toward me and already taking over with my luggage and just like that my happy bubble has appeared.

* Date of the encounter:   October 8-9th , 2015
* Name of companion: Smith Curren
* Website of companion:
* Location of encounter:   Seattle
* Duration of encounter (how much time did you spend together?):  24 Hrs.
* Were his photos and description accurate?  Yes.
* Physical description of companion:  Fit
* Attitude of companion:  Pleased, happy, welcoming
* How did the companion make you feel?:   Valued

  * Please describe the experience:

Parte Un -
"Impressionism is only direct sensation. All great painters were less or more impressionists. It is mainly a question of instinct." ~ Claude Monet
Smith Curren, Personal Impressionist.  He shares an artistic style within his level of companionship. He uses gentle persistence, instinct, and quiet reliance to give me an ability to release a passion flowing in my mind and soul.  Yes, I would put his touch on the wall of my mind. Our time is a natural flow of color and light on my memory as was the snapshot of the beautiful Degas “Dancers Backstage” we saw at SAM on our Friday together. [....]

* Would you recommend this companion to other ladies?  Smith is a personable man who has an enjoyable artistic skill set. A lady should treat herself to the indulgence.

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