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Public Male Companion Endorsements / Re: Endorsements for Anthony Asanti
« on: December 19, 2016, 11:48:20 PM »
Date of encounter - October 2016
Name of companion - Anthony Asanti
Website of companion -
Location of encounter - Washington DC
Duration of encounter (how much time did you spend together?) - 4 hours
Were his photos and description accurate? - Absolutely, they actually don't do justice

Anthony's posts, his website and also his writing had peaked my interest and I decided to send him an email.  Our email exchange served to intensify my interest and often had me grinning. 

This was our second adventure together and it solidified the tempo of our companion/patron dance.  As I sat in the lobby of the hotel waiting for Anthony to arrive, I felt my anticipation build.  I caught him coming through the door and we both cracked a smile.  He is a very handsome man and felt my cheeks blush as my mind wander to the first evening we spent together.  Even more of that evening came rushing back as he kissed me in the elevator as we went to drop off his bag before heading out.

We spent a bit of time in Georgetown on a river cruise, dinner in a Thai restaurant and then headed back to the hotel.  I felt perfectly at ease following his lead through the evening and he delivered beyond any exceptions I had for our time together.  Anthony is skilled at creating a space where I can simply be in my skin [...]
Anthony, It was a truly wonderful evening and I thank you!

Would you recommend this Companion to others? - Yes, absolutely!

To read the full endorsement, one must be a member.

Just bumping this with an update:

UPDATE: You may not receive the email described above. CDM must change over to updated servers, and then you'll receive notifications from the site. Until then, keep checking back! You're probably approved already. ;) However, if you feel your sign-up did not go through, please email us at daisynectar at rocketmail dot com.

Introductions / Re: A sort of introduction...
« on: August 12, 2016, 08:15:09 AM »
Welcome aboard, Lost. :)

Yes, I was a huge fan of Lost, and loved the philosophers names. They missed Sartre, though. ;) (Although I presume "Tabula Rasa" was a nod to existentialism.)

General Discussion / CDM Portfolio- a thread for the companions
« on: August 09, 2016, 07:21:55 PM »
Hello gentlemen! Many of you have written over the last couple of years asking to be featured in the portfolio. Sadly, I had been unable to edit the portfolio due to a glitch. This has now been resolved, and we can add people to the portfolio. If you're interested in being a Featured Companion, please PM me here. Thanks!

Also, we can now place your banners on our links page, so PM me here if you'd like to exchange links.

General Discussion / Follow us on Twitter!
« on: July 23, 2016, 09:57:25 AM »
How many of you are on twitter? Do you have a stealth account you use for this?

We've finally joined the "cool kids" and have a twitter account. Follow us! @ConciergeDM

Introductions / Re: Meet Anthony Harris - Vancouver Companion
« on: March 12, 2016, 10:24:19 PM »
Welcome aboard, Anthony. :)

Public Male Companion Endorsements / Endorsements for Anthony Asanti
« on: March 12, 2016, 10:14:18 PM »
  Date of encounter February 27, 2016
    Name of companion  Anthony Asanti
   Website of companion
   Location of encounter San Francisco
    Duration of encounter (how much time did you spend together?) 5 hours
    Were his photos and description accurate? Yes

I enjoyed reading Gigolo News International and found his website enticing so I contacted Anthony last September to start dialoging. About a month later I asked if he would be willing to meet me in San Francisco and he said that he would be honored. We continued to dialog the entire time leading up the engagement.

The airlines had cancelled his flight and Anthony was 4.5 hours delayed for arrival.  Upon hearing how his flight went I was surprised he didn’t ask to reschedule. But he offered to make up the time or refund the hours. I feel Anthony’s integrity has its own attractiveness.  I text him a warning, “You will have a job just getting me not to be so concerned about the time.”  The hotel was right on the bay.  I saw a beautiful sunset. I am sorry he missed it.  True, not the most auspicious of starts to our engagement, but what is one to do but test one’s ability for waiting with grace.

I will vouch for how correct he was in his explanation through our emails and texts. When I went into the lobby to meet him, I instinctively knew it was he. The Bay Area was in the middle of a false spring with temps in the 70's and here I find a man dressed for the cold of the east coast bundled in leather. I had my shoes off and very comfortable in a light weight linen shirt.  How could it not be Anthony?  He is more attractive than his photos. I didn’t ask him whether the leather was for comfort, warmth or female knowledge. :-)


Yes our time was shorter than either one of us expected. But it was time well spent with Anthony listening and giving me my desires. As the time gathered, I put myself into his very capable hands.  I found myself with no resistance and became more pliant to his will. Our visit was as succinct as this endorsement.  Anthony was a gentleman who absolutely “got me” and gave me EVERYTHING I needed.  I was touched everywhere physically, intellectually and emotionally.  I received much more than I expected. Anthony is a great communicator in words and deeds.  I had such a good time. Thank you, Anthony.

I would very much enjoy being with him again. Knowing that he was to stay in the area three extra days after our engagement I looked repeatedly at my schedule to see if could get back to into the city to see him.

  How could I not recommend him to others?

Must be a registered member to read full endorsement.

Public Male Companion Endorsements / Re: Edorsements for Maxime Durocher
« on: February 19, 2016, 03:49:30 PM »

  * Date of encounter
Saturday, February 13th 2016

    * Name of companion
Maxime Durocher

    * Website of companion

    * Location of encounter
Downtown Montreal

    * Duration of encounter (how much time did you spend together?)
5 hours

    * Were his photos and description accurate?
Absolutely; however I think his photos do not totally convey the level of assurance and confidence that he emits in reality. We can see the mischievious spark in his eyes quite clearly though!

    * Physical description of companion
Maxime is good looking beyond words, he takes real care of himself. Average height, he looks regal with a suit and tie and could fit perfectly in any high class restaurant.
All this climbing that he so loves has a very sculpting effect on his body. He is far from being muscle-bound and pumped up, he managed to find the right balance between being a model of fitness and masculine firmness.

    * Attitude of companion
That's where Maxime really shone. That evening he met with an emotional wreck of a girl, internally panicked and ready to bolt out the door at the first occasion.
That's where his personnality and experience convinced me I made a good choice with meeting him, he managed to make me much more comfortable in no time, easily drove the conversation on safe subjects that took my mind away from the stress. Maxime has a brilliant, open mind with lots of wits, and is knowledgeable on a broad variety of subjects without ever being conceited or full of himself. He is a beautiful man, and I'm not talking about his physical presence. Well, yes, but not only!

    * How did the companion make you feel?
Just to give some background, so that girls who feel they are shy or too nervous to hire a companion can maybe be confident enough to pick their courage up and contact Maxime. I want to say that even though I am a professional businesswoman with enough skill and confidence in my domain to speak publicly and endorse controversial subjects, in private I am the complete opposite. I am the perfect example of the crazy lady who lives alone, secluded in the woods with an array of weird animals around her, craving solitude but not wanting anything to do with human beings, especially not anything intimate. Ok, maybe there is a bit of exaggeration, but this is not that far from the truth...
Despite all that, as the evening progressed Maxime made me feel safe and accepted. Safer in fact than with anyone else, since I knew I could call everything off at any given time, I knew I could be egoistical and think only about myself without hurting his feelings, I knew he wouldn't be stalking me afterward or anything weird I've had the displeasure of experiencing with guys in the past. Accepted because whatever my level of experience or body image or awkwardness or shyness was he didn't focus on any of it, it didn't matter. He didn't lavish me with compliments either, which I would not have liked anyway since he didn't know me after all. He just hit the right balance between offering me his undivided attention without making it awkward or too intense, knowing when to back up instinctively. I was terrified at first, but as the evening progressed I felt more and more at ease, because he accepted me and all my reactions without batting an eyelid.

    * Please describe the experience
So now I've made it clear that contacting Maxime was deeply out of character for me; I knew I wanted to meet him, and it needed to happen in a short time frame or I would find a thousand reasons not too, but the details were very vague for me. Would I fly to him or invite him to travel to me, would we meet at the hotel or at a restaurant or cafe, would we go to a movie, I had no idea.
Maxime suggested a few hotels and restaurants in Montreal and it all came into place. As work was hectic for me the week before, he handled the reservations himself and had to shop aroud a little, my first choices being already full for Valentine's day... We finally met at the Ferreira cafe, one of the best Portuguese restaurants in town according to tripadvisor reviews. He arrived before me, but the staff "misplaced" him and installed me by myself at another table! I'm not a cellphone fan, but as I was getting nervous I remembered we exchanged phone numbers just in case such a mishap happened, and had I looked earlier I would have avoided all that stress...
I texted him back and saw him get up and look for me in the wrong direction, so I rose and went to him. Okay, to be totally honest here I thought about running through the backdoor... but he turned around and his regal smile when he saw me eased my doubts a little. In the end this "misplacement" was all for the best, as my table was further back in the restaurant, away from the bulk of Valentine's day crowd.
He was just familiar enough with me to help me open up to him and chat a bit. We do share some interests so it was easy to find common ground, and I found myself needing to concentrate on ordering to avoid talking too much. Travels, the sports we each love and what motivates us to get involved in such uncommon activities, team and business management, with a little bit of sociology thrown in, it was all flowing naturally. The excellent food, nice background music and cozy atmosphere help me to enjoy his company to its fullest.
Of course, being who I am, when we left the restaurant I began to doubt myself once again, and Maxime helped with that as well. He led me expertly and let me just be, teased me and made me feel like a normal human being. He connected with a part of me that I spent years trying to suffocate and destroy, and showed me what life held for me if I just gave people a chance, gave myself a little more freedom and let go of fears and insecurities; that's the greatest gift he bestowed upon me.

Introductions / Re: Hello from Canada
« on: February 19, 2016, 10:20:08 AM »
Welcome, Kitana. :)

Public Male Companion Endorsements / Re: Endorsements for James Craig
« on: December 27, 2015, 09:55:47 PM »
Unwrapping James

James Craig
December 2015, San Diego

Physical descriptions on his website accurately portray James. As he is perfectly described in other endorsements; it’s superfluous to do so here, beyond mentioning his handsome face, beautiful smile, fabulous biceps, and great muscle tone. James is pleasing to the eyes.

Pre-date Communications & Planning
I reached out to James asking if he might be available to escort me to a corporate function. He managed to arrange his schedule, and we penned the date in our respective calendars. While I have interacted with James on the forum and I “know” him from his online persona, I chose to communicate very little with him before our date. Although, to be fair, I did talk with a few ladies who have posted reviews, as due diligence is imperative when selecting a companion, especially when choosing to play out a stranger fantasy in a real-world setting. When selecting James, I trusted my instincts, my research, and, most of all, I trusted James; my trust was well placed.

Cozy Conversation
I wouldn’t reveal the company at which I work, as it was great fun for me to keep James guessing, and he was a good sport who indulged me my game, playing along with aplomb. When he arrived at the airport, he tossed me a text, and I knew when to mosey down to the hotel lobby for our first meeting. By this time, I was completely at ease, no nerves whatsoever. We shared hugs and kisses, chatting for a moment before retiring to our room for a pre-party tête-à-tête.

James is a master of seduction, which subtly began within moments of our meeting; soft touches, his warm hand stroking my bare arm, leaning in for brief [...], hints of pleasures to be explored later in the evening, eye contact with focus and presence. It might be cliché to say I likened myself to an instrument in the hands of a gifted musician, yet the metaphor is apropos.

I had asked James to keep track of our schedule, and when it was time, I had the pleasure of watching him dress. I know we have mentioned it before, but there’s something distinctly male about a man knotting his tie, and I confess to overtly indulging in my voyeuristic tendencies. My dress has a tricky zipper, and James kindly gave me a hand. [...].

I had booked a hotel close to the venue, walking distance in fact, yet we couldn’t resist arriving at our destination via pedicab.

James is affable and charming; he easily conversed with everyone to whom I introduced him; which was a riot, because each time I presented him I told a different backstory, leaving him to improvise while I had the pleasure watching the interplay between the interlocutors. Not that I have a perverse sense of humor or anything… Okay, I do have a whacked sense of humor, and James let me be whacked in his presence, so it was all good.

From the champagne reception to the stroll on deck, we kept somewhat to ourselves to continue conversations begun in our room and explored newly introduced topics, as well; and all the while James kept up his sensual attentions [...] and whispered innuendoes.
San Diego Holiday Skyline

We returned to the party when dinner was served. We scored plates and filled them with offerings from the buffet, swung by the bar and acquired fresh glasses of wine, which didn’t suck, and then sat at a table close to the dance floor. We listened to speeches, which were for the most part relatively brief. Conversation flowed effortlessly, and James is as amusing in person as he is on the forum.

After most of the dishes were cleared from tables, the lights dimmed and music began. James and I took to the dance floor and tripped the light fantastic. What fun! I was pretty certain how James moved on the dance floor would [...]. I was right.

By the time the ship docked, my feet were ready to escape the confines of my shoes. We took a charmingly lit pedicab back to the hotel, where I promptly freed my cramped piggies. Honestly, clothing in general had become quite confining at this point, and why be uncomfortable? I took pleasure [...].

James has impeccable timing, a talented [...].

Memorable Moments
  • Lying on the bed talking
  • Dancing
  • Watching the sunrise
  • Snuggling

I would like to see James again. I’m certain our paths will cross sometime in the near future.

Must be a registered member to enjoy the full endorsement.


Date of encounter November 14, 2015
Name of companion (s) James Craig and Smith Curren
Website of companion (s)  &
Location of encounter Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
Duration of encounter (how much time did you spend together?) 17 hours
Attitude of companion (s) Wonderful & Fabulous
How did the companion (s) make you feel? Feminine & Trustworthy

Please describe the experience
    Perhaps, I should take us back a bit to August and my visit with Smith.   I remember standing and looking out the hotel window over the bay and telling him it would be great if we all could have dinner together in Ft. Lauderdale.  Smith said, “I can do Ft. Lauderdale.” I turned and told him I’m sure he could, with a smile.  Then I shared, “I don’t know if James would.  I mean I have spoken to him about it.  I would have to ask him.  After all, I had invited him as a guest to dinner and now I’m to throw you in?”  

I believe James would be all right with the idea, but I still needed to remember my manners and ask him.  Smith pointed out how we all know each other.  Yes, this is true.  We do.  Knowing each other is an important detail going into a threesome.  I pointed out another important detail.  Everyone should have no reservations when going into one.   Smith offered to speak to James and set it all up. I responded with, “Wait, please.  You shouldn’t ask. I have to ask James how he would feel about sharing his evening.”  

Plus, I only had one request.  If we go for this, I don’t want to know about any communications between them two.   This would only work for me if I was just to Be.  Emails flew across lines among the three of us with it settled.

....Within in two weeks, it was decided, we were now three heading to Ft. Lauderdale.  My first thought, “I better get a bigger room.”  Hahahaha  

Moving to November 14, and what am I doing?  Waiting.  LOL Yep, you guessed it, outside baggage claim in Ft. Lauderdale.  Smith’s plane is late.  The weather in Ft. Lauderdale was warm and humid with an occasional rain shower.   I was dressed appropriately for comfort and still slowly wilting anyway.   Smith and I are to drive to our hotel together, where James is waiting at The Pillars (    We were scheduled dinner at The Secret Garden within the hotel then out clubbing at, The Blue Martini.   James and I thought this was a nice coincidence; we partied first at The Blue Martini in Vegas.   I am a little impatient to see James.  I had not seen him in a while.  Outside that I noticed how at ease I was and calmly looking forward to the evening.  Then Smith arrives and his smile of welcome!

Our room was beautiful and large enough for three to move around, a sitting area, beautiful wood plank floors and high ceilings.   The hotel is intimate and so lovely.  The service was excellent and discrete.  James had the wine open, the cheese plate had arrived.  We could take a breath, start to catch up, and have a glass of the pinot before changing for dinner.   We had French doors opening to a little veranda that looked over the Inter coastal, a slight breeze and it seemed time started slowing.  I wanted a shower, and I had bought a new dress.  No surprise, I’m not ready. I send them ahead to keep our reservation.  I am happy.

Upon getting to the entrance of the restaurant I pause to pull into my memory the sight of them. Oh my, they looked handsome in their suits.  These two I call friends[...]. These are two men with different looks and with different personalities. I like them very much and both have a generosity of spirit for me. I am a lucky woman to know them. We were placed in the middle of the room.  Great, I so enjoy having others wonder about the relationship.   I check my feelings---I’m very happy.  It has been so long since I had an evening to share with two men.  How much did I really contribute to the conversation?  I don't know.  I’m sure I did, because every so often I was asked something.  To be honest, I do remember ordering, James selecting the wine, the nervous waiter, the salad arriving before I had finished my soup.  I had venison cooked to perfection, James had lamb chops, and Smith had tenderloin.  The food was soooo goood and the portions were generous.   I could only touch them through the meal when I so desired to kiss them senselessly.  Dinner and listening to them chat pretty much shoved me into my head.  We were too full for dessert. James did want a coffee. I asked to be excused to go change while he does.

When I came down to head out clubbing, I checked at the desk for them. I was informed the gentlemen had taken care of the bill and were waiting for me outside. The lady at the front desk says, “Now you all have a good time.” I laugh.  Smith is waiting on the porch to help me into the limo but for some reason the driver would not let all of us sit in the back.  The driver looked at me askance and I was, “Whatever.”   For some reason the driver got turned around for our location, but we did learn he was originally from New York.  Roads are damp with a slight breeze.  We get to The Blue Martini and we are escorted to our table in the back.  A perfect location to see and hear the band and not be bothered while dancing, have a seat and a huge T.V. in the corner. Later in the evening we even saw Ronda Rousey lose to Holly Holm.  It was a great band!

The gentlemen took care of everything.  I mean it ALL!  I left the hotel without a purse, no i.d., no funds, no room key and no thought of anything but the three of us and to enjoy the moment.  Table service is so difficult.  It is like a cabana in Vegas.  One bottle is supposed to be what everyone drinks.  Why we cannot order what we want to drink?  We all know I can run a tab to $250.00, with two let alone three, and easy from the top shelf. Plus, drink what we want.  Thankfully the gentlemen went with my fav—Veuve Clicquot.  No matter how much I drink of it I never get a headache.   We danced, and danced and danced some more.  The gents chatted around and over me.  I do not remember saying much, “Please excuse me, I’m going to the ladies room.” was about it.   I mostly spoke with the nice strangers around us. I enjoyed telling women they were beautiful as I danced with them.   I watched and laughed at people’s reactions to my [...] from two men.  I laughed and danced and was [...] while all three of us are moving to the music.  The Blue Martini had an outside bar!  We went out there and the air had finally cooled down.  I asked if the band was coming back and told they were done.  We had one more drink, the club is emptying.  We are enjoying the quiet and I am enjoying the moment.  We were asked by the police if we were ready to leave.  The wait staffs who work there wanted to go home.  Lol I asked James what time it was.  Well it was a little after 4 A.M.  I looked at Smith and laughingly said, “OMG, We’ve closed another bar.”  I looked at James and said, "The bars close at 2 A.M. in California."  He shrugged and neither of them had an air of tiredness or pushed me to leave.  We finish our drinks, Smith tells me to come on and got us a ride.

Our hotel front door was locked when we got back. LOL I mentioned it was like waiting for Dad to come let us in.  While on the stoop they are switching back and forth keeping me occupied with [...].   I am giggling and James telling us the kid at the desk has buds in and bopping to music.  The weather is warm and balmy. Smith has the most fabulous [...]. Wonderful we are finally let in and we mention wanting breakfast sent up at 9:30-10 in the morning.  Shhh, there are others staying at the hotel as we climb to get us up to our room.

Looking back...The three of us moving through morning twilight was as if we were one with the world.

    Reciprocity (Merriam-Webster Dictionary) - :  a situation or relationship in which two people or groups agree to do something similar for each other, to allow each other to have the same rights, etc.


James meanwhile has a one track mind for breakfast and starts asking us to verify what we want.  OMG He has room service menu in his hand and in charge of telling room service our order.  I say, “a carafe of decaf, please.” Smith is saying, “full leaded.”  He finds out we still have an hour for coffee.  The whole morning was so normal.[...] Being with James and Smith felt so familiar and a warm fuzzy while I had slipped into the past while in the present.  Is there a way to be happier than happy?    I trust Smith and James with my whole being and one must to achieve such harmony.  
[...]   The lead person is asking where to set up and now there is a conversation between Smith and James for the decision of placement.  The room looks as if we had squirreled in both rooms and wine glasses everywhere from the night before. We are scandalous.  We end up in the sitting room all of us eating while in a state of dishabille. I’m drinking my coffee, eating my bacon and still listening to the two of them bantering back and forth.

My entire being was with James and Smith for 17 hours.  They are the consummate professionals and have a gift to continue giving me everything I request.  Making our time simplicity itself made it easy and safe for me to emotionally fall, physically mingle and become no longer me but Us.

Thank you James & Smith.

Must be a registered member to enjoy the full endorsement.

Public Male Companion Endorsements / Re: Endorsements for Smith Curren
« on: November 03, 2015, 04:54:15 PM »

I just saw him for a fun afternoon in July and here I am in Seattle waiting for him to pick me up at the airport.  As I sit waiting, I begin to wonder what is wrong with the people here. Are they travelers, like me, or getting home? LOL  I’m told it will be chilly.  I’m so hot!  I start thinking of what I have packed. 66 F is not chilly to me.  I had gone directly to the airport from my work and had just come out of 80-85 F weather.  The humidity in Seattle has done havoc to my hair. I look at my watch and geez we won’t have the time to stop at the hotel. Oh well, this is what he gets and he will make me believe he doesn’t care and he doesn’t.  I want to see his smile.  I want to hear his laughter.  There he is coming toward me and already taking over with my luggage and just like that my happy bubble has appeared.

* Date of the encounter:   October 8-9th , 2015
* Name of companion: Smith Curren
* Website of companion:
* Location of encounter:   Seattle
* Duration of encounter (how much time did you spend together?):  24 Hrs.
* Were his photos and description accurate?  Yes.
* Physical description of companion:  Fit
* Attitude of companion:  Pleased, happy, welcoming
* How did the companion make you feel?:   Valued

  * Please describe the experience:

Parte Un -
"Impressionism is only direct sensation. All great painters were less or more impressionists. It is mainly a question of instinct." ~ Claude Monet
Smith Curren, Personal Impressionist.  He shares an artistic style within his level of companionship. He uses gentle persistence, instinct, and quiet reliance to give me an ability to release a passion flowing in my mind and soul.  Yes, I would put his touch on the wall of my mind. Our time is a natural flow of color and light on my memory as was the snapshot of the beautiful Degas “Dancers Backstage” we saw at SAM on our Friday together. [....]

* Would you recommend this companion to other ladies?  Smith is a personable man who has an enjoyable artistic skill set. A lady should treat herself to the indulgence.

Must be registered member to read entire endorsement.

Introductions / Re: Hello All :)
« on: October 23, 2015, 07:16:52 PM »
Welcome aboard, Bailey. :)

Introductions / Re: Hello from Scotland
« on: October 20, 2015, 12:33:11 PM »
Welcome aboard, Logan. :)

Welcome aboard, Damien. :)

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