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January 24, 2020, 04:23:09 AM

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This maybe a challenging question for some:
What do you offer your clients that they can't get from another male companion?

I keep my ear to the ground so I know what's going on in my local area with regard to straight male escorts. One previous client of mine told me about a booking she had with an Australian gentleman and my agents share information about the other guys on their books.

Variety helps women choose the right gentleman for them, rather than a standard off the shelf model. And knowing what others are doing helps us develop and be our greatest selves.

I know what I offer that is different to the others around me. I research; I learn. I want to know more than any other local escort about sex, intimacy and relationships. If a client comes to me with a particular desire or a challenging concern that I'm unfamiliar with, I research it so I that I can deliver the best experience possible.

 So, guys, what do you offer to your clients that they can't get from another male companion?

General Discussion / Escorting Dirty Tricks. Not Cool.
« on: March 19, 2015, 05:47:05 PM »
This year a client confided in me that another escort from our agency was badmouthing all us guys. Apparently he 'really enjoyed connecting with his clients,' whereas 'all the other guys are just in it for the money.'
Not cool. Funnily enough, she only confided in me because she felt that I had truly connected with her and he hadn't. He was lacking intelligence, unable to connect and more interested in himself.

I came out smelling of roses. She only decided to book me because my profile sounded real. When I actually turned out to be exactly what I said I was, she confided.

It's okay to compete, guys, but not through dirty tricks. This is not a fucking presidential race. We compete through our own USPs, our branding/marketing and through the quality of service we deliver.

When businesses badmouth their competitors, they are the ones that look cheap and stupid.

I decided to let it slide. If my agent hears me complaining, I just sound like I'm competing like he was. But also, I definitely came out with the better hand, so there was no need.

She didn't tell me who it was that she saw, but having met the other guys at the agency I can think of three possible candidates and two I'll rule out for not being her type. The third I'm fairly sure is a dickhead giving the agency a bad rep. I'll stick with doing what I'm doing with integrity thank you.

Introductions / A newbie to this site. Experiences from down under.
« on: March 06, 2015, 10:34:00 PM »
Hi there ladies and gents,

It's nice to find a community of sorts out there for male escorts, and one that is frequented by female clients as well.
It doesn't seem to be a big community, given the number of posts at the top of the page that date back several years. I wonder why that is. I know I discovered the site last year but just took an outside interest for a while. Maybe many male escorts think they work alone and no one understands them, not even other escorts.

I have been a male escort for a nearly three years now. I have been working for an agency in Australia - Aphrodisiac Male Escorts - since they started operating. I have testimonials and an article in Grazia going back two years and a number of other articles that have followed that.

I'm not a psychologist, but I am trying to run my escorting business like a therapy business. Yes, it's a business. Without doing it that way, you won't get anywhere for very long. A good therapist is one who a: understands and helps their clients and b: is able to acquire and retain new clients.

How do I do that? With great difficulty.
Well, through the agency it's actually quite easy. they come top on Google if you search 'male escort' when your location is Melbourne and near the top if you are in Sydney. If you find articles about straight male escorts in Australia you'll usually find them and often find me speaking. Grazia, The King's Tribune, The Good Weekend (national newspaper), Cosmo (they changed my name to 'Andrew'. Bastards), Reality Chicks, malibumom with Susanne Brisk (a US blog. I ended up having Skype sex in my agent's office at the end of the interview.)  and more.
Now I'm going out on my own. I've created my website - - I've got a blog - - and Twitter - @AnthonyByNight.
I've had training in Orgasmic Meditation, Basic BDSM Kink from a legend of the kink scene here and mindfulness.
I'm presenting a workshop in May for women - connecting with your desires. And I'm writing a book for women about female sexual desire.
I try to connect with women on Twitter. Not too much and only in ways that are authentic to me. You have to do things that are in line with your authentic self. You can't stray too far from that. e.g. I 'could' get into the BDSM scene if I thought I could make money out of it, but I don't really like hardcore BDSM that much, so I would get bored, feel uncomfortable, dislike myself and dislike my clients.
As it is, I love my job. Yes, it's a job, but it's a job that has real lasting benefits for some women. From victims of sexual abuse (as adults or children) who need a gentle caring hand to help them move on, to disabled clients who just want to feel normal, to divorcees and inexperienced women who need a confidence boost to women who just want an incredibly pleasurable sexual experience. I love it all. Whatever you do in life, enjoy it, don't endure it.
I do this honourably and with integrity. I am respected by my bosses (two normal housewives run the agency) and my clients. If they want to talk, we talk. If they want to ... well, you get the idea.

6 hours of bookings this week. The final two are tonight, 11pm-1am, after she's been to a musical. I have a bag of toys and goodies, but most of the time it's just the skill of listening and reading their bodies.

I also have an English accent. That goes down very well over here. I think an American one would as well. Women here don't tend to like Aussie blokes, so I get a lot of bookings.




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