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January 19, 2020, 09:03:33 PM

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General Discussion / I Would Like To Meet Prince Albert
« on: March 21, 2012, 10:00:12 PM »
Coucou Peeps,

I was wondering if tattoos and piercings are deal breakers when deciding on a companion to book? Where do you draw the line on size of artwork and position of piercing/s or do you prefer none at all?

Also, do women have Cougar/MILF fantasies towards younger men fresh out of the escorting stables? I define young as 21, as 18 is skirting a bit too close to the 'line'. Is 'field' experience essential in a companion? (I'm not talking about experience as in school break 'outings' in Cancun, Daytona Beach, Canary Islands et al either.)


General Discussion / A Life Less Ordinary
« on: February 20, 2012, 07:52:29 AM »
Coucou Peeps,

Do you have anyone in your circle making you feel that pursuing any interests in the demimonde is a fruitless endeavour? I think for most male escorts the prevailing advice would be: 'you're better than this, you don't need to be a sex worker, you can find a more fulfilling job'. I usually placate to this advice eventually and say something like 'sure I'll find a normal job one day'. But inside I'm surmising that the reason why they have this attitude is because of their misguided empathy; 'You don't need to be an escort, there's actually people worse of than you who can actually that can fulfil this role'. If you take it to it's logical conclusion one could say that you don't have to be a shit-shoveler as there's always someone in life who's worse off than you.

I guess you can attribute it to people who proclaim that you're just a sex worker at the end of the day, hence, you will never amount to anything in your life should you continue to pursue escorting. A gloomy sense of Weltschmerz descends and you start to think that being an escort is actually a bad, and it's actually comparable to being a drug dealer, road sweeper or Wal-Mart greeter.

I think it's too easy for people to judge companions aptitude levels and know implicitly what's going to make them happy and fulfilled. Perhaps they want to fashion you into their expectations of how they want to perceive you. I think the comparable perspective for women in the demimonde would be: 'You're so gorgeous and smart! You don't need to pay men for sex when you can easily find men in real life.' As if to say that the procurement of escorts is somehow an endeavour beneath a woman's beauty and intelligence levels.

Has anyone found true acceptance in the demimonde from friends and family? Or have you just continually segued in life from cynic to detractor? Personally, I think what matters is your own self-accpetance and how you choose to live your life's story. Sure there will be people who would want you to live a life of normality i.e. a 40 hour job with a final-salary pension scheme, a Ford Mondeo, a good-hearted partner, and a house with a white picket fence. These are all worthwhile goals, but that doesn't mean you have to accept another person's aspirations for you and make it your own.

There will always be naysayers who can't continue the journey of life with you; people will always board and disembark at various stages of your life, but eventually, you have to go it alone and do what feels right for you.

Wealthiest self-made woman? It’s not Oprah

(CNN) – In the world of wealthy women, China is leading the way.

Of 28 self-made female billionaires around the world, 18 came from China, according to a recent report compiled by Hurun Report ranking China’s wealthy.

Hurun reported that of the top 10 self-made female billionaires in the world, seven are Chinese. U.S. media mogul Oprah Winfrey barely made the top ten, with her $2.7 billion fortune putting her as the 8th richest self-made woman in the world. Rosalia Mera of Spain’s fashion powerhouse Zara came in third, with a net worth of $4.5 billion. Benetton clothing’s Guiliana Benetton’s $2.5 billion fortune put her at number 10, according to Hurun.

The richest self-made woman in the world is Wu Yajun, executive director of Longfor Properties Co. based in Chongqing municipality, with a net worth of 42 billion yuan ($6.6 billion). Yang Huiyan, of Country Garden Real Estate ranked as China’s second richest woman and 10th richest overall in China with a personal fortune of 36 billion yuan ($5.6 billion), followed by Chen Lihua of Fu Wah International, an industrial investment company, whose 33 billion yuan ($5.2 billion) fortune made her the third richest woman and the 16th richest person in China.

Of the top five richest women in China, four attained their fortunes through the country’s blistering real estate market.

The average wealth of the top 50 female billionaires in China was 9.7 billion yuan ($1.5 billion), up 47% from two years ago; the fortunes of 33 women on this year’s top 50 were self made rather than inherited, compared to 30 last year.

Hurun’s Top 50 Rich List on wealth in China shows the number of billionaires in China increasing to 271 individuals, compared to 189 last year and more than double 2009’s 130. This puts the number of billionaires in China as second only to the U.S., which has more than 400.

Rupert Hoogewerf, Chairman and Chief Research at Hurun, noted that there were probably many more billionaires in China who preferred to remain off the radar.

The cut-off for Hurun’s list of the top 1000 richest people in China continues to climb, with this year’s cut-off at $310 million, up from last year’s $220 million and $150 million in 2009.

“China’s rich have defied the global financial crisis with another record year of growth,” said Hoogewerf.

This explosion of wealth means that some wealthy Chinese are turning to philanthropy to share their fortunes. According to the Huran Philanthropy List 2011, the most generous philanthropist, Cao Dewang of Fuyao Glass, donated $700 million this year. Cao has, to date, donated 40% of his assets to charity.

Travel and Leisure / Sign Dining
« on: October 02, 2011, 06:23:55 PM »
Intriguing article in the NYTimes about the secret hand gestures used in certain restaurants:

The Australian city of Melbourne has beaten Canada's Vancouver to the title of world's most liveable city for the first time in almost a decade.

Vancouver has topped the annual Global Liveability Survey since 2002, but this year fell to third behind Vienna.

Overall, Australian and Canadian cities did well, capturing seven of the top 10 spots.

Harare, Port Moresby and Dhaka occupied the bottom of the table.

The cities were assessed in five categories - stability, healthcare, culture and environment, education and infrastructure.

Vancouver missed out on the top spot because its infrastructure score had fallen due to periodic closures of a key motorway.

London was ranked 53, out of 140 cities surveyed. Honolulu, at 26, was the top US city.

The Economist Intelligence Unit, which carried out the survey, said scores in Europe had been pushed slightly down by the eurozone crisis, while the Arab Spring had affected ratings across the Middle East and North Africa.

"Australia, with a low population density and relatively low crime rates, continues to supply some of the world's most liveable cities," report editor Jon Copestake said in a statement.

"Despite the rising cost of living driven by the strong Australian dollar, these cities offer a range of factors to make them highly attractive."

Melbourne was a joint winner with Vancouver in 2002.

Mayor Robert Doyle said he was "absolutely delighted" with the news.

''For the first time in a decade we are now officially ranked number one,'' he said. ''When you think the strong Aussie dollar militates against this, this is even more impressive."

Cities were scored out of 100 and the report noted that the top 10 cities were only separated by 1.8 percentage points.


1: Melbourne

2: Vienna

3: Vancouver

4: Toronto

5: Calgary

6: Sydney

7: Helsinki

8: Perth

9: Adelaide

10: Auckland

Source: Global Liveability Survey

General Discussion / The curious case of the number 10
« on: June 18, 2011, 01:14:47 AM »
Coucou Peeps,

I was wondering why some people never have a disposition for rewarding a 10 out of 10 score for a product or service. Is it the case that 9 is the theoretical maximum and that 10 is just too 'perfect' of a score? Do you find hitting 4 stars for feedback rather than the full 5?

Is it possible to get a 9, +1 as a mark?


General Discussion / Companionship Goals
« on: April 04, 2011, 05:15:25 AM »
Coucou Peeps,

I was wondering what were your companionship goals this year? What would you like to achieve - not just big ones - perhaps those little trivial ones as well.

For me I think the first thing would be to wear my hair down down more. I've been told that I have a fantastic mop of hair now that it's longer. Less 1960's slick-back Mad Men style and more naturally relaxed.

Second thing would be ditching the tie and even perhaps the suit, and getting into my pair of Levi's and t-shirt more. Less looking like I've walked out of a GQ shoot and more looking like I just came back from mowing the lawn topless in a pair of jeans. Naturally smelling of man-sweat and freshly cut grass of course.

The last thing would is to bring my diversity to my companionship. I've had the wonderful opportunity to date women from a variety of different ethnic backgrounds in my private life; it's an aspect I would love to bring into my companionship life this year.

So what are you goals for this year?


So you want to be a male escort... / The Art of The Conversation
« on: March 28, 2011, 04:34:16 AM »
Coucou Peeps,
I wondering what conversation skills women look for in their companion? Does a well versed escort make for an easier date with you? I know it may be hard to quantify, but up to what point does a guy need to know in worldly knowledge?
What topics do you think are appropriate for dinner table and are there any subjects you just don't find interesting? What topics do you enjoy talking about and what do you consider off-topic?


General Discussion / Ever met a Aussie Woman who wasn't always horny?
« on: March 25, 2011, 06:06:13 AM »
Cocopops Peeps,

Why do Australian women think about sex......

a lot?


'I'd like to introduce a man with a lot of charm, talent, and wit. Unfortunately, he couldn't be here tonight, so instead . . .'

Coucou Concierge du Monde,

I'm Cole - Version 2.02 - critical updates, addons and battle scars included. I introduce myself at the behest of Madam Bel who's probably high-fiving herself that she got me to do something out of just asking me.

I would like to describe myself as hard working, and creative, rebellious, conservative, with a twist of eccentricity. The women in my life would describe me as 'mad, bad, and dangerous to know'.

On a bad day they would just say I'm a grumpy Panda Bear.

My hobbies include sleeping, eating and sleeping, because from whatever angle you look at it from, you get the same outcome.

Things I admire in a woman: assiduity, appropriateness, Chanel No.5, and the ability to not molest me under the dinner table with your sneaky hands.

I'm enjoying posting on CdM in the capacity as just Cole now. The ability to point out the big hairy elephant in the room empowers me with a sense of freedom that I didn't have in the past.

Please leave the hotel room door open for me and be in bed sleeping.


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