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January 23, 2020, 04:57:57 PM

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Author Topic: Cons from SW5 Part II  (Read 2332 times)
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See Part One Here:

Men for All Occasions

Another extremely expensive place to advertise which also wants clients to pay to see the ads, this one also includes chauffeurs and models. We don't believe any will get any business as a result. The terms and conditions include the following amusing lines amongst the usual dubious 'once you've paid your money, you can't have it back, no matter what' sections:  This site is owned, run and administered by C Kelly trading as whose address is .... [sic!], and who is the contracting party to this Agreement. You can contact Ms C.Kelly at this address. [sic!] and 3.2 For security reasons, we currently do not accept credit card payments over the Internet. Being cynical, we suspect that it is more to do with no-one letting Ms Kelly take credit cards - they don't seem to accept cards by post or in person either - or her being unwilling to pay the costs involved. Or perhaps it is the number of 'chargebacks', when unhappy customers ask the credit card company to become involved in a dispute, that she's afraid of.

Although the graphic design is slightly different, the actual content - and awfulness as a place to advertise - is very very similar to Men for All Occasions above. This suggests that they are either the same business (although this one does supply a different name and an actual address in its contact details) or they both bought the website design and morally dubious business plan from the same place. Amusingly (or not, if you've paid them money to advertise on it) this one points American visitors to "our US site," - faq.php Feb 2006  ... but when you try to look at it, you cannot even see its home page without a valid username and password! As they say: "Expect the same quality services as you get from us here in the UK" - faq.php Feb 2006 It also uses the name for its AdWords.

Making it more likely that there is indeed someone selling the basic site design, this is the third 'escorts, models, security and chauffeurs' site we know about, but it's just as bad as the others. Again, you pay them lots of money - more than enough to have your own website - and they will... only show your ad to women who have paid at least 30 to them. Again, their US site fails to work.

A newcomer, registered in January 2006. It doesn't make it immediately apparent that it is going for the 'straight male escort' market, but it's clear from reading the surprisingly familiar FAQ that this is what it is intending to do. In March, it had a total of... one escort advertising there, possibly also the owner of the site. In order to see how much he charges, never mind actually book him, you'd need to pay at least 9.99. Who's going to do that? Quite. As alluded to above, they've attempted to save costs (to put the politest spin on it) by copying whole chunks from some of the other sites here. For example, compare and contrast: "Q: AM I THE RIGHT AGE FOR THIS SERVICE?  "A: There is no right or wrong age for this service. As you can Imagine we have a wide variety of clients that are right across the age spectrum and they in turn need Escorts of a corresponding age value. [..] The general age guidelines that we tend to stick to are between 20 and 70 years of age. These are not cast in stone however above and below these two ages are seldom requested." - Network Escorts FAQ Mar 06 and "Q: Am I the right age for this service? "A: There is no right or wrong age for this service. As you can imagine we have a wide variety of clients that are right across the age spectrum and they in turn need Escorts of a corresponding age value. The general age guidelines that we tend to stick to are between 20 and 70 years of age. These are not cast in stone however above and below these two ages are seldom requested." - faq.php Mar 06 This site doesn't seem to use Google AdWords yet (or indeed, be findable via Google, yet another major reason not to advertise on it) but they do have a Freepost address which will cost them money anytime anyone sends anything to it.

Other Google AdWords clients

Apparently the recruitment site for which hopes to get women to pay an Eastern European (it's not clear whether it's based in Hungary or Bulgaria, both are claimed in different places) business money for a male escort. Unlike their holiday home rentals site, it was initially not advanced enough to actually ask for money. They are currently seeking men to come to Spain's Costa del Sol, pay them 450 Euro and undergo a training course to become a 'Sol-mate', escorting women in the area. Since Google has nothing about this, it is likely that they do not have the large number of clients they claim - it is possible that the course consists of paying to serve them in various ways before being rejected as not of sufficient quality to work for them.   If you do decide to try it, we'd love to know what happens.

Cavendish Knights

Also known as, this advertises itself as an agency offering women straight male non-sexual escorts. Unlike most of the 'agencies' above, this makes a single charge, of 17.75 for a security check on the identity of prospective escorts. This is supposed to be refundable on the first booking. However the female 'membership' figure they claim is really just the number of people who've ever said they're female in order to get to look at the men. (We're probably included in that figure more than once, for example!) There's also an interesting discrepancy between the 'become an escort' FAQ:  "Yes, we have over 10,000 fully signed up female members (1/11/05) and grow by around 20% per month" and the 'become an escort' front page: "We now have over 10,000 fully signed up female members (1/1/06)". If the growth rate were correct, you'd expect them to have over 14,000 'members' by now. But even that level is unlikely to be able to provide much business to most of a claimed escort membership of 1,400.  It's also odd that there is hardly anything on them on Google that they didn't write. You'd expect some real escorts and clients to have said something, somewhere, but with the exception of one woman in Singapore saying it's a good idea... Looking at some of the media coverage quoted supports these doubts: "Chris looks nothing like his photograph and is sweating abundantly. ' You're my first job and I'm a bit nervous,' he explains." - Evening Standard "It turns out I was his first 'client.'" - She Other coverage is better, but some of it reads more like PR 'puffery' rather than real journalism. We seriously wonder how many men get any bookings at all. The site makes it clear that women clients would pay them to book a client and they later share the money with the lucky escort. Yet if just one woman a day made a booking with them, it would put their turnover over the point where they would have to register for (and charge) VAT, yet there is no VAT registration number on their site or mention of VAT in their fee structure. That suggests that each escort gets, on average, less than one booking every four years! The feedback we've now had suggests that we're right - we have yet to hear from anyone who's found work through them.

Rebecca's Nationwide Male Escorts

Although the online application form says its escorts have male as well as female clients, their website concentrates on signing up men looking to escort women. It wants them to pay 20 (or an unexplainedly higher 35 for those who offer a massage service as well), then 5 per month. It also wants to invoice escorts for 10% of any fees paid by clients. So, an advertising site that also wants a commission - an attempt to have its cake and eat it. We doubt the commission will be very large, despite the sample typical 'first month' in the application form suggesting earnings of over 1,700. Prospective clients can't see anyone on the site, what services are on offer (one "Services offered by Male Escorts" link points to a file on a PC used by a "Gavin Marsden") and the "Contact us" page is devoted to recruiting new escorts rather than finding them clients. (There is a 'Money Back Guarantee' which promises your fee back if you're not offered a booking with 48 hours, but the feedback recieved suggests that this is avoided by offering an unsuitable or otherwise fake booking.)

Regal Escorts

Regal Escorts are another new site using Google Adwords, which, as ever, costs them money if you click on them. It's also another advertising site pretending to be an agency (the 'biggest' one again too) and, as ever, we don't think it will be a good place to advertise.  They make a point of saying how it's free to have a profile, but pretty soon admit there's a monthly "admin fee" (and it looks like there used to be a "joining fee" of fifty quid too). It also appears as if there is another fee to be paid before you can receive messages from any potential clients. Although the site includes both male and female escorts, the basic aim of the site - to extract money from gullible men - is shown by the way the first four of their five sample "successul escorts" are men, who are supposed to have had "loads of bookings" earning 150 quid an hour, and all of the "satisfied clients" are women. Indeed, by the end of October, there were 541 male escorts offered to anyone signing up to their 'book an escort' membership, of whom only forty two of them were willing to see men. That leaves 499 very very optimistic men. This compares to just twenty seven women advertising. Again, the 'Am I the right person to become an escort' question is answered by "The general age is between 18 and 65 years of age" and they're looking for "all types all types of men and women from all types of backgrounds, and from different parts of the country."  In fact the most honest bit on the site is the claim that "Looks and age are not important" - because it's your money they're after and they'll take anyone's.  The domain was registed in January 2006. Interestingly, the site is said to be "operated under licence from Touch Networks Limited". (The other such site is

Touch Networks  was registered as a company in June 2005 and has the same Wakefield address as the registrant of this domain, MB Trading House Limited, who was registered in June 2003... as a clothes retailer! They presumably haven't been very successful at the rag trade (they've earnt so little, they haven't had to file company accounts) so are they trying their hand at less honourable ways of making money now?

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