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February 26, 2020, 02:49:49 PM

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Author Topic: Endorsements for Anthony Asanti  (Read 5584 times)
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« on: March 12, 2016, 10:14:18 PM »

  Date of encounter February 27, 2016
    Name of companion  Anthony Asanti
   Website of companion
   Location of encounter San Francisco
    Duration of encounter (how much time did you spend together?) 5 hours
    Were his photos and description accurate? Yes

I enjoyed reading Gigolo News International and found his website enticing so I contacted Anthony last September to start dialoging. About a month later I asked if he would be willing to meet me in San Francisco and he said that he would be honored. We continued to dialog the entire time leading up the engagement.

The airlines had cancelled his flight and Anthony was 4.5 hours delayed for arrival.  Upon hearing how his flight went I was surprised he didnt ask to reschedule. But he offered to make up the time or refund the hours. I feel Anthonys integrity has its own attractiveness.  I text him a warning, You will have a job just getting me not to be so concerned about the time.  The hotel was right on the bay.  I saw a beautiful sunset. I am sorry he missed it.  True, not the most auspicious of starts to our engagement, but what is one to do but test ones ability for waiting with grace.

I will vouch for how correct he was in his explanation through our emails and texts. When I went into the lobby to meet him, I instinctively knew it was he. The Bay Area was in the middle of a false spring with temps in the 70's and here I find a man dressed for the cold of the east coast bundled in leather. I had my shoes off and very comfortable in a light weight linen shirt.  How could it not be Anthony?  He is more attractive than his photos. I didnt ask him whether the leather was for comfort, warmth or female knowledge. :-)


Yes our time was shorter than either one of us expected. But it was time well spent with Anthony listening and giving me my desires. As the time gathered, I put myself into his very capable hands.  I found myself with no resistance and became more pliant to his will. Our visit was as succinct as this endorsement.  Anthony was a gentleman who absolutely got me and gave me EVERYTHING I needed.  I was touched everywhere physically, intellectually and emotionally.  I received much more than I expected. Anthony is a great communicator in words and deeds.  I had such a good time. Thank you, Anthony.

I would very much enjoy being with him again. Knowing that he was to stay in the area three extra days after our engagement I looked repeatedly at my schedule to see if could get back to into the city to see him.

  How could I not recommend him to others?

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« Reply #1 on: December 19, 2016, 11:48:20 PM »

Date of encounter - October 2016
Name of companion - Anthony Asanti
Website of companion -
Location of encounter - Washington DC
Duration of encounter (how much time did you spend together?) - 4 hours
Were his photos and description accurate? - Absolutely, they actually don't do justice

Anthony's posts, his website and also his writing had peaked my interest and I decided to send him an email.  Our email exchange served to intensify my interest and often had me grinning. 

This was our second adventure together and it solidified the tempo of our companion/patron dance.  As I sat in the lobby of the hotel waiting for Anthony to arrive, I felt my anticipation build.  I caught him coming through the door and we both cracked a smile.  He is a very handsome man and felt my cheeks blush as my mind wander to the first evening we spent together.  Even more of that evening came rushing back as he kissed me in the elevator as we went to drop off his bag before heading out.

We spent a bit of time in Georgetown on a river cruise, dinner in a Thai restaurant and then headed back to the hotel.  I felt perfectly at ease following his lead through the evening and he delivered beyond any exceptions I had for our time together.  Anthony is skilled at creating a space where I can simply be in my skin [...]
Anthony, It was a truly wonderful evening and I thank you!

Would you recommend this Companion to others? - Yes, absolutely!

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