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Author Topic: Endorsements for James Craig  (Read 14845 times)
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« on: September 29, 2009, 08:06:27 PM »

Date(s) of Encounter:   September 19 & 20, 2009

Companion:   James Craig -

Location:   Las Vegas, NV

Duration of Encounter: Well, on 9/19 my birthday party started around 9:30 P.M. when my only guest (James) arrived.  I did not look at the clock, but I think James left sometime around 4-5 A.M. On 9/20, I had a break in the birthday party action. Low and behold, my guest, James, graciously enlisted to join my celebration again.

Were his photos and description accurate? : Yes.

Physical description of Companion: James voice and vocabulary that caught me first.  I found him very attractive at the phone call.  James has a great capacity to other-focus and  listens attentively. It was evident when we met up in Las Vegas, he had also heard me and delivered on what I wanted.  James has a beautiful welcoming smile which also engages his eyes.  They sparkle with humor.  A strong chin and wonderful laugh. I loved the waves and curl of his hair. I kept thinking how I wanted to put my hands through it.  Im 5'1" and was in flats, he states he is 5'10". I believe it. Jamess physical physique was Hard Body.  He is and smells all male.  I find him cute, fascinating, captivating, beautiful and fun. 

Attitude of the companion: Deferential and gentlemanly.  Intelligent behavior. Courteous and happy. James is self-assured and emotionally relaxing. 

How did the companion make you feel? : Special. Feminine. Pleased. Safe. Secure. Uninhibited. Tantalizing. Attractive. Protected. Last but not least, I felt replete.

Please describe the experience: If I had only one word to use it would be PHENOMENAL.  I wanted to have fun.  I wanted to laugh, drink and move. I wanted to talk to a man who has honor and integrity.  I work in an all male environment and I wanted to be converse with a candidness that allowed me to Be and not so concerned with a guy ego.   I got exactly what I wanted.  He even taught me a few things.  We were in accord with getting off the strip for the evening and just Be.  I wanted a Birthday Party and boy did we party.  We started and ended at a place called the Blue Martini.  What a great recommendation he put forward.  This is the first guy I have ever been around who stayed in step with me.  I am still laughing.  We could share our party with our chauffeur just by being in the same vehicle.   Fun, OMG!  What fun!!  I had so much fun the first night I asked James to join my party the next evening.  What does that say to you?  This was such a professional and gratifying endeavor then my last experience going through an agency. Im planning our next party.  Its maddening and teasingly I have to wait.  Oh what fun I have planned for us.  I just have to pray to the ancients. Please keep the sun, the moon and planets in accord this spring for my schedule to not be interfered with.

Would you recommend this companion to other ladies? : Oh, I guess I have to share. LOL. 
Yes, I recommend James without hesitation.  Ladies run to the nearest website and connect.  Your time and his will be well worth it.
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« Reply #1 on: May 29, 2010, 04:42:33 PM »

Quote from: NoGNoG

Date(s) of Encounter:   March 28-29, 2010 
Companion:   James Craig -
Location:   San Francisco
Duration of Encounter:  Not long enough. :)
Were his photos and description accurate?: Yes. 
Physical description of Companion:   I was in ballerina flats for our rendezvous and he seemed to be larger than life.  He was so handsome in his suit, his shoes shined to a high gloss and a welcoming smile. For me, to finally seeing James, after a break of three months, and for him to look so delicious, made my heart leap and my pulse rise.
Attitude of the companion: James's welcoming smile was an honest reflection of how happy he was to be where he was. The hotel staff had taken very good care of him before I arrived.  He looked so pleased and relaxed.  James's non-pretentiousness towards me allowed me to take the time to catch up to his relaxing demeanor.  He gave me no pressure as I settled down in to "REALLY" being with him, again.   
How did the companion make you feel? : Feminine. Happy. Pleased. Flush. Uninhibited. Attractive. Protected. 
Please describe the experience: Ladies, I have been with James on three separate occasions.  Each time I book with him I increase my time with him.  My own actions, in of itself, says he fits in with any engagement I have going.  This time we were going to the U.S. Premiere of Hans Christian Anderson, "The Little Mermaid", at the War Memorial, in San Francisco.  We met up at 11:00 A.M. in front of our hotel and had an hour before our ballet brunch.  We could not have asked for such a beautiful day to shine on us in San Francisco!  Not a cloud in the sky with a very slight breeze. temperature in the mid to late 60's (F).  My BGF was with me and James was such the gentleman, graciously walking through City Center with the both of us.  James conversed with my girlfriend while I did what I needed, to move into my space of BE, and to twirl in my lovely dress.  Plus, I twirled without censure from James.  I felt so free to prance and not once did this gentleman turn his back on me from embarrassment.  To sit at brunch with the most distinguished male in the building, to chat as if we had just left each other the day before.  I am comfortable and feel we have reached a friendly level of familiarity.  At the end of the first act, I thoroughly enjoyed my bubble of laughter when I told him, Come on. As I grabbed him to follow, running and skipping down three flights of marble stairs to get to the basement for the first intermission!! Our sharing at the end of the ballet the wonderment of the story, the brilliance of the costumes and set direction was a moment etched in my mind.  For me to share my awe and WOW of the music composition and choreography with another aficionado was so heady.  In the years of my traipsing to ballets, plays, concerts, NOTHING has even come close to my complete satisfaction as this event in San Francisco.  I have never been with either a female or a male companion who was just as delighted to be with me on such an occasion, as James.  We continued on to Yoshis for a table for two. How does one describe a freedom to joke, chat with strangers and the wait staff while the man Im with, James, looking on with amusement?  Or, my total enjoyment in BEING, not concerned for jealousy. James' strong self-assurance had him enjoying along with me.  How perfect can a meal be when you share each sushi dish delivered, and the Gentleman eats the eel!!  In the wee hours of the 29th I found myself drinking Veuve Cliquot and sharing truffle bites of Godiva Chocolates. The whole 24 hour experience will be a warm fuzzy remembrance for my time eternal.  Especially whenever I peel, smell and taste a tangerine. :)

Would you recommend this companion to other ladies? :   A Resounding Yes.

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« Reply #2 on: December 05, 2010, 10:48:02 PM »

Date of encounter:   August 27, 2010
                            September 21-23
                            November 18-21

Name of companion: James Craig

Location: James and I have met in Vegas on all encounters

Duration: August 27, 2010- James and I were scheduled to meet from 6pm-6am. Due to some personal issues on my part we had to end our evening short. We met from 6pm-12pm. James was very understanding about having to end the evening sooner than expected. I liked the way he handled himself, he was very much a gentleman about the situation

Sept.21-23- We met at 4pm and were together for 36 hours.

November 18-21-
James and I were together for 33hours beginning at 4pm on the 18th. We then met again on the 21st for 6 hrs.

Were photos and description accurate? Yes, James was exactly what I expected. His hair was shorter than the pictures, but that did not bother me. He has the bluest eyes and the best hair to run your hands through. Also, his voice!!!! He definitely had me at hello:)  He is very handsome and made me feel very safe when I was with him. He is quite delectable. James has a very positive attitude. I have never heard him say anything negative, he finds the positive in any situation. I found his zest for life very contagious. He is very kind to everyone he meets, I love that trait in someone. He never meets a stranger and is kind to everyone in him path. I am told that I never meet a stranger and that I talk to everyone, but I think James is in close seconds to me in this area. Which I find very interesting. To the little old man in the elevator to the taxi driver, he makes everyone feel like they are important.

I have met with James on three separate occasions and each one has surpassed the last. When I first met with James in August I was very nervous!! I was a little more stressed than maybe your normal meeting, I had company with me. My husband, he wanted to meet with James and I for the first time. He wanting to be comfortable with the situation. James entered the bar/lounge we met in with a bouquet of red roses and a hug that put me at ease right away. I felt like I was meeting someone I had known my whole life. He was very respectful to my husband and told him that he would take good care of me and show me the respect that I deserved. James and I left and went to a wonderful show, where we had a blast and a fabulous diner at a French restaurant. I put Mr. C on the spot and asked him to order for me, now if someone had done that to me I would have been sweating bullets. Not, James. He ordered everything with confidence and very self-assured. I loved his confidence in what he was doing, gave me an insight into what might be coming later on in the night. We also shared our food, eating from one another's plates was something I'm not used to, but I loved!!!! After dinner our night got called short, not because I wasn't having a wonderful time, circumstances changed and things had to end early. James was very understanding and nice about the evening ending shorter than expected. I even think he was as disappointed as I.

In Sept. I got to return so that we could finish where we left off. Let me tell you there was no disappointing!!We picked up right where we left things and there were no nerves on my part. We packed alot into the 36 hours that we had. Wonderful French dinners, shows, a beautiful hike and we even squeezed in an in room massage for two.  James has a way of making you feel like you are the most important person in the room, he is very engaging in conversation and is easy to be around.

Would I recommend this companion to others? Most definitely!!!! I would say that if you want to be made to feel like you are beautiful, desired, sexy and the only woman in the room, than you need to run to your computers and email Mr. C right away and spend some time with him. He has away of making you feel very much at ease and if you want to laugh and laugh some more, than call!!!!!!! He is a blast to be around. The one thing that surprises me is that some woman hasn't kept him for herself, yet. I'm taken and have been for 20 years, but boy if I wasn't he would definitely be what I was looking for in a man:) Tell him I said hello, and I will be seeing him very soon!!!!!


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« Reply #3 on: April 12, 2012, 07:12:45 PM »

   Date of encounter
March 26,2012
   Name of companion
James Craig

   Website of companion

   Location of encounter
Las Vegas, Nevada

   Duration of encounter (how much time did you spend together?)
I lost track of the time...
   Were his photos and description accurate?
   Physical description of companion 
Lean, mean, compact machine.
   Attitude of companion
   How did the companion make you feel?
   Please describe the experience

See below for details.

Words fail me.  Many years of honing my craft have abandoned me leaving, me naked, vulnerable.  I sit here shivering, from the coldness that an empty computer screen resonates.  For the first time in my life, I have writers block.

I am tormented haunted. My senses are reeling.  The fog of memories fills my mind.

Was it a dream? Was it real? Am I a prisoner of my own psyche?

My time with James transcends this feeble attempt to articulate emotions feelings sensations - into a coherent structure. I have been touched, not only physically and emotionally, but etherically.  (spiritually)

This was not a date   yes we dined together, chatted together, laughed and took out our contacts lenses out together this was more of a rebirth. The evolution of a woman who normally has little tolerance for romanticism or matters of the heart.  The healing of a woman whose demanding nature renders her unapproachable in the real world.  The metamorphosis of a woman who has finally gained some balance in her life - an equilibrium between her analytical neurosis and her spiritual beliefs.  This was an experience of epic proportion that has altered every cell in my body.

Where I thought I was strong I am now humbled
Where I thought I was wise I am now nave.
Where I thought I was tough I am now gentle.
Where I thought I was accomplished I am now innocent.

My new found restoration has overflowed into every aspect of my life. I am a better woman because of our time together.   For that, I am, eternally grateful.

My writers block will dissipate.  My memories of my evening with James will linger like the velvety finish of a fine zinfandel.

   Would you recommend this companion to other ladies?

William (Smokey) Robinson says it best in his song - I Second That Emotion.

Maybe you want to give me kisses sweet
But only for one night with no repeat
Maybe you'd go away and never call...
And a taste of honey is worse than none at all...

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« Reply #4 on: September 06, 2013, 05:27:45 PM »

* Date of encounter   July 16, 2013
     * Name of companion    James Craig
     * Location of encounter   Las Vegas, NV
    * Duration of encounter (how much time did you spend together?) 6+ hours.  I have never had to watch time with James.
     * Physical description of companion   Trim, fit and handsome
     * Attitude of companion    Happy, relaxed and present
     * How did the companion make you feel?  Friend & Lover

I have felt every time I see him there is nothing better than the gift of reciprocity.

    * Please describe the experience:

I am writing to share with others how James and my relationship, going on 4 years of doing business together, is as fun and gratifying as it was on our first rendezvous.  Seeing his welcoming smile makes me happy, free to BE, and oh so pleased to know he is mine for the night.  We spent 4 hours on dining alone.  Not at any time of our evening did "Get me out of here" cross my mind.  As a matter of fact, we were so busy enjoying ourselves dining and catching up, we missed the timing on our driver. :) 

I am a fortunate woman.  I am comforted with Jamess company and security when we are out and about.  Also, due to James being with me, I had no qualms as we waited another 1/2 hour for our replacement driver.  We were seriously out there off strip.  No foot tapping, no looking at watch, or any sign of annoyance while waiting as I would experience with others I know or work with.

My feelings of absolute love with James's ability to move with the flow are priceless gifts. For me, time with James this evening and all other times between 2009 to current, was as PHENOMENAL as our first encounter in 2009.

     * Would you recommend this companion to other ladies? : Yes. Indubitably.

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« Reply #5 on: February 11, 2015, 11:47:47 AM »

Date of encounter: January 2015
Name of companion: James Craig
Website of companion:
Location of encounter: Chicago, IL
Duration of encounter: Weekend
Were his photos and description accurate? Yes
Physical description of companion: A bright, lovely smile you can see from across the room, blue eyes, great hair ;), and about 5'10"

Attitude of companion: James is engaging, respectful, personable, confident, and comfortable

How did the companion make you feel? During our time together, James made me feel at ease, cared for, safe, and comfortable

Please describe the experience:

James and I spent a lovely weekend in Chicago, while I was there on a business trip.  This was my second time meeting with James and there were no jitters until about 30 minutes before we met.  Honestly, that probably had more to do with anticipation than anything else.

We started out meeting at one of the hotel's bars, where I was greeted with a warm smile and hello hug.  After becoming  reacquainted, all jitters were gone and we continued on to the Purple Pig for a delicious meal.  A quirky little place with family-style table-seating, the Purple Pig offers "cheese, swine, and wine" in the Mediterranean-style.  We recommend showing up later to avoid the long line and trying the Eggplant Caponata with Goat Cheese smear.  Although we didn't get to try it, we have it on good authority that you should also try the Sicilian Iris for dessert.

The next morning, I had business stuff to attend to.  I admit it - I absolutely rushed through them :) Duties over, I rejoined James and we visited the Art Institute of Chicago.  It was a delight to see him so engaged with the work and I thoroughly enjoyed our conversation...even those times when we may have just been making a little bit of fun.  In a good way, mind you!  It was all delightful!

Before dinner, James found out his flight the next day had been cancelled.  I felt terrible about it but, being the calm, collected, and professional person he is, James didn't let it ruin his mood. We went on to enjoy a nice dinner at Emilio's (four words: "dates wrapped in bacon." Seriously).  Afterwards, we caught a show at Second City ("Apes of Wrath") which made me laugh so hard, I cried.  Upon exiting the theater, we found that snow had begun to fall, so we decided to hunker down for the evening and enjoyed witnessing the city whiteout.

The next day, it was time to say goodbye.  James made sure I was well caffeinated for the long trek home and stayed with me until my shuttle arrived. My flight would eventually be cancelled (after sitting on the tarmac for an hour...and they wouldn't give us back our luggage! I Know!) but, to be honest, I didn't really care because I had such sweet memories to help me through.  That and supportive texts from James when I wondered, "no, really, do you think they're going to let me on the plane?" ;)

Would you recommend this companion to other ladies?
Absolutely.  James doesn't really need a review...I'm actually writing this for all the shy girls out there who are wondering if they are too shy to book a companion.  Or, if they might be too weird, too odd, too quiet, too awkward, etc. to book a companion.  I'm here to say, "if you want to, please do!"

I'm socially phobic, awkward, clumsy, etc.  Not once did James make me feel like any of that was showing.  The above are all situations in which I would normally feel overwhelmed or anxious but, whether he knew it or not, James was also able to calm me at all the right times and those were blissfully not an issue.

So, yes, I recommend him :)
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« Reply #6 on: December 27, 2015, 09:55:47 PM »

Unwrapping James

James Craig
December 2015, San Diego

Physical descriptions on his website accurately portray James. As he is perfectly described in other endorsements; its superfluous to do so here, beyond mentioning his handsome face, beautiful smile, fabulous biceps, and great muscle tone. James is pleasing to the eyes.

Pre-date Communications & Planning
I reached out to James asking if he might be available to escort me to a corporate function. He managed to arrange his schedule, and we penned the date in our respective calendars. While I have interacted with James on the forum and I know him from his online persona, I chose to communicate very little with him before our date. Although, to be fair, I did talk with a few ladies who have posted reviews, as due diligence is imperative when selecting a companion, especially when choosing to play out a stranger fantasy in a real-world setting. When selecting James, I trusted my instincts, my research, and, most of all, I trusted James; my trust was well placed.

Cozy Conversation
I wouldnt reveal the company at which I work, as it was great fun for me to keep James guessing, and he was a good sport who indulged me my game, playing along with aplomb. When he arrived at the airport, he tossed me a text, and I knew when to mosey down to the hotel lobby for our first meeting. By this time, I was completely at ease, no nerves whatsoever. We shared hugs and kisses, chatting for a moment before retiring to our room for a pre-party tte--tte.

James is a master of seduction, which subtly began within moments of our meeting; soft touches, his warm hand stroking my bare arm, leaning in for brief [...], hints of pleasures to be explored later in the evening, eye contact with focus and presence. It might be clich to say I likened myself to an instrument in the hands of a gifted musician, yet the metaphor is apropos.

I had asked James to keep track of our schedule, and when it was time, I had the pleasure of watching him dress. I know we have mentioned it before, but theres something distinctly male about a man knotting his tie, and I confess to overtly indulging in my voyeuristic tendencies. My dress has a tricky zipper, and James kindly gave me a hand. [...].

I had booked a hotel close to the venue, walking distance in fact, yet we couldnt resist arriving at our destination via pedicab.

James is affable and charming; he easily conversed with everyone to whom I introduced him; which was a riot, because each time I presented him I told a different backstory, leaving him to improvise while I had the pleasure watching the interplay between the interlocutors. Not that I have a perverse sense of humor or anything Okay, I do have a whacked sense of humor, and James let me be whacked in his presence, so it was all good.

From the champagne reception to the stroll on deck, we kept somewhat to ourselves to continue conversations begun in our room and explored newly introduced topics, as well; and all the while James kept up his sensual attentions [...] and whispered innuendoes.
San Diego Holiday Skyline

We returned to the party when dinner was served. We scored plates and filled them with offerings from the buffet, swung by the bar and acquired fresh glasses of wine, which didnt suck, and then sat at a table close to the dance floor. We listened to speeches, which were for the most part relatively brief. Conversation flowed effortlessly, and James is as amusing in person as he is on the forum.

After most of the dishes were cleared from tables, the lights dimmed and music began. James and I took to the dance floor and tripped the light fantastic. What fun! I was pretty certain how James moved on the dance floor would [...]. I was right.

By the time the ship docked, my feet were ready to escape the confines of my shoes. We took a charmingly lit pedicab back to the hotel, where I promptly freed my cramped piggies. Honestly, clothing in general had become quite confining at this point, and why be uncomfortable? I took pleasure [...].

James has impeccable timing, a talented [...].

Memorable Moments
  • Lying on the bed talking
  • Dancing
  • Watching the sunrise
  • Snuggling

I would like to see James again. Im certain our paths will cross sometime in the near future.

Must be a registered member to enjoy the full endorsement.
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