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January 17, 2020, 05:43:24 PM

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Author Topic: Endorsements for Chris Michaels  (Read 1956 times)
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« on: January 27, 2014, 07:24:29 PM »

Name of companion:  Chris Michaels


Location of encounter:  Chicago, IL

Date of encounter:  Late October 2013, evening appointment

Physical description of companion:  62, solidly built (former college American football player)

Attitude of companion:  Fun (yes, fun, that is indeed the best word), engaging, thoughtful, intelligent.

Would you recommend this companion to others:  Yes

Please describe encounter:

In the couple of years Ive been on this forum, Ive been intrigued and pleasantly surprised not only by the change in my views of companionship but also by the diversity of the companions and the diversity of the experiences  ladies have had with companions .  From what I can gather these experiences have run the gamut from intellectual exchange to challenging personal boundaries to sensual to empowering to restorative and therapeutic.  I would like to add one experience to the mix -  pure fun and shameless  indulgent pampering Chris Michaels.

I recall about a year ago when Chris Michaels joined the forumyep, 27 years old (okay, so now hes 28).  As one nearing her half century mark, I remember thinking at that time, no way, no how will I ever book a fellow with that big of an age difference.  As someone who really enjoys intellectual and conversational exchange, what in the world would we have in common to talk about?

We exchanged a few PMs last year, talking about the recently retired mayor of his city Richard Daley Jr at which point I recalled that I had been around when Richard Daleys dad, Richard Daley, Sr had also been the mayor REALITY CHECK!!!   However,  his communications had the tone of someone, who, though chronologically younger than me, seemed to be an old soul.  He caught all the  cultural references I included as a test from my formative decades of the 1970s and 1980s and responded back in kind.  Still, I thought to myself, No way, No how.

So, a year goes by and I find myself scheduled for a meeting in his city, Chicago a town I had visited previously only once.   I was not at all  familiar with the city, yet wanted to see some of the sights and attend a late evening performance of a very famous improv theater former stomping grounds of comic geniuses to include Dan Akroyd, John Belushi and Steven Colbert, to name a few.  So, I took a deep breath , wrote a PM asking if he would be available that evening and  outlined what I wanted to see and do while in town as well as my request for a fun, low key, relaxed true Chicago experience as opposed to only what tourists see.  He was available that evening not only available but enthusiastic about planning the experience.

We met in the very elegant lobby of the historic hotel where I was staying.  I recall thinking as we met that he really needs to update his photos on his webpage they do not do him justice very handsome, solidly built fellow with a few days beard growth which only added to the package.  My fears regarding not having anything in common to talk about were quickly dispensed with there was no shortage of subjects , conversation or laughter .  He is indeed an old soul (and who knows, perhaps despite my protestations Im a younger soul than I think I am), extremely quick witted, intelligent, thoughtful, protective of women,  and has a charming boyish Midwestern practicality that is almost intoxicating.

Chris has an expansive  knowledge of Chicago, having grown up in the area and now living in downtown Chicago.  As we strolled through neighborhoods and stopped at a lovely neighborhood pub for a beer and then at a historic restaurant, he imparted a history of the area and the changes going on in the city, all the time making sure I was comfortable, safe and well taken care of.  The only time we stopped talking was during the packed late evening performance at the improv theater  which left us both laughing so hard we could barely breathe.

We made our way back to my hotel and continued to talk and laugh and enjoy each others company until the wee hours of the morning.  I bid him goodnight, recognizing  that I would never think about Chicago, (or younger men) in the same way.

Perhaps Ol Blue Eyes says it best:

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