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Author Topic: Endorsements for Alex S. Logan  (Read 8601 times)
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« on: May 29, 2010, 04:33:08 PM »

* Date of encounter: Sometime in April

* Name of companion:  Alex S Logan

* Website of companion:

* Location of encounter: Chicago

* Duration of encounter: Overnight

* Were his photos and description accurate?: Yes.

* Physical description of companion: About my height, so maybe 5'4 - 5'5. In his 40s: I have always liked older men, and the concept of booking one really does something for me. It's almost fetishy.  Slim and healthy, but not hard bodied and cut.  Not a GQ model but that's not what I'm looking for.  He's soft spoken, with the manners and appearance of an old fashion gentlemen. I'm quite fond of his beard and eyebrows actually - they really give him a distinguished "professor" sort of look I enjoy.  He was dressed in a blue stripped dress shirt with french cuffs and cuff links - a nice touch I noted immediately. I told him the day would be casual so he didn't bother with a jacket or tie.  He's articulate and thoughtful.  A bit of a New York accent comes through.

* Attitude of companion: Warm, Kind, Playful.  There's an old fashioned gentility to him, that is pretty rare these days, and really makes me feel like a lady.  I am quite comfortable with his presence, and have a great fondness for the glint in his eyes. He has genuine interest in life, and people. Talking to him is fascinating as he's had a world of experiences, takes great interest in events and has much knowledge to share with anyone interested. He obviously pays attention and is interested in what I'm saying, referring back to conversations I'm surprised he remembers at times (because half the time I don't). I find him quite engaging.

I've always booked dinner dates and overnights with him. I've enjoyed keeping in touch via email so it feels like friends reuniting. We've always had fun together. He also won't agree just to agree - which I adore. I like a man who will speak his mind. I also like the shy but sincere way he compliments me, it's very endearing.

* Would you recommend this companion to others: Yes

* Please describe the experience:

I had an insane week, at work and in my relationship. It was liberating to know I could take out a man for a romantic date, flirt and know there would be no pressure for more if that's all I wanted, and being drained, all I really wanted was attention and a soothing balm.

This was not our first date.  The first time we met he presented me with a simple thoughtful gift, I was surprised and thought it very sweet.  I hadn't expected him to learn about my personality through the small talk we'd shared, but I had been quite open, and he obviously paid attention to details.

When he arrived I had expected to go out almost immediately and do something on the town.  [...] Several hours later, I took him to my favorite ethnic restaurant , pleased for the opportunity to kick back somewhere I could eat with my fingers.

Dinner was a pleasure, we talked about much, and naturally found ourselves holding hands.  After a delicious exotic coffee we walked into the cool night air. The original idea was to grab a taxi, but somehow we never really did, walking back the whole way arm in arm.

Upon arriving back I had excused myself to the ladies room and returned to the bedroom to find candles casting a soft glow onto the room.  He had promised to let me pain his toenails - a silly joke I had made that he then agreed to!  I was thrilled! The fact that he doesn't take himself so seriously, and since no one can see them, and that he's only doing it for me - psychologically it just does something for my libido! Instant crush, I had carefully picked out the color the day before.  Appropriate to the moment, the color was called "Light the Candles".  [...]

The rest of this endorsement is available to members only.

Alex has asked that the following be added:

"Full disclosure: Lauren Summerhill does book me as Alex. However, I want to note, as can be seen from my website, that Lauren Summerhill and I also offer duo engagements for women or couples."
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« Reply #1 on: August 05, 2012, 11:24:32 AM »

   Date of encounter
June 24-25,2012

   Name of companion
Alex Logan

   Website of companion

   Location of encounter
New York, New York

   Duration of encounter (how much time did you spend together?)
Honestly does anyone watch the clock?

   Were his photos and description accurate?

   Physical description of companion 

   Attitude of companion
   How did the companion make you feel?
   Please describe the experience

See below for details

There is much to consider when choosing an escort. What is he like? What should we do? Where should we go? Will our personalities collide like Pelham 123?

Within the CdM forum, a potential patron can put her mind at ease. There is enough opportunity to uncover the right companion for whatever your needs. Long term or short, any doubt can be soothed with a discerning eye and thoughtful posts.

Through the forum I discovered, Alex and I had a tremendous amount in common.  New York being one of our favorite cities, I arranged to meet him as part of my pre-vacation vacation.  I requested he plan our time together, (not an easy task with my controlling personality) leaving me to squirm in anticipation for weeks.  I have my favorite spots that I frequent while Im in town.  But I was curious I wanted to experience Alexs New York.

I was not disappointed.  He brought me coffee, bagels and the Sunday New York Times my long standing ritual when I am at home what a treat!  In our cozy Upper West Side apartment, disconnected from the rest of the world, I could not have asked for more. An idyllic setting to discover each indulge each other inside and out.

As a self-proclaimed foodie, a good meal coupled with a fine glass of wine and Im putty in your hands. His restaurant choice was impeccable an intimate establishment tucked away on a side street. Seriously, if you sneezed you would have missed it.  Beyond the hidden walls and lack of signage was a wonderful epicurean treasure.  The duck was perfect the wine was perfect the ambiance was perfect.

Did I mention the evening was perfect?

Later, we strolled through the village and a cab ride back to the upper west, gave us enough time to squeeze in the last innings of our favorite baseball teams in a tight game. YANKEES WON WOOO HOOO!

The evening faded away. Dawn peaked through the window and warmed the room.  Hours seemed like minutes while we were together. My mind on hiatus - my body engaged my spirit fulfilled.

Alex Logans New York my kind of town.

         Would you recommend this companion to other ladies?
From the film The Jazz Singer
Neil Diamond Hello Again

Hello again, hello
Just called to say hello
I couldn't sleep at all tonight
And I know it's late but I couldn't wait

Hello, my friend, hello
Just called to let you know
I think about you every night
When I'm here alone and you're there at home

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« Reply #2 on: August 05, 2012, 11:32:37 AM »

Date of Encounter: June 2012

Name of companion: Alex S. Logan

Location of encounter: Metropolis area in the US

Duration of Encounter: A long evening (not overnight)

Were his photos and description accurate? Yes

Physical description of companion: I must admit, I reviewed Lauren Summerhills description of her experience with Alex in April of 2010 and found our impressions of him quite similar. Well spoken, a little taller than me (probably 56 or 57 from my estimation), unconventionally handsome - like a distinguished bearded academic you would meet in an Ivy League faculty club - the history or business professor you were infatuated with in college and always daydreamed what he would be like outside the classroom. A thinking womans man - attractive at first sight, who becomes increasingly attractive and intriguing as he develops an intellectual engagement with the woman he is completely focused on for the evening.

Attitude of companion: Thoughtful, insightful, soft spoken, with a refined and kind humor to him. Very attentive to details and making a woman feel comfortable, beautiful, and the center of the universe. Well versed and well read on many subjects and interests, well traveled.

Would you recommend this companion to others: Yes

Please describe the experience:

I live in a metropolis area in the US that Alex frequents on business. I had communicated with him via email and on the forum for several months before finally working up the courage to request a meeting Not having engaged a companion previously, he was kind enough to meet me for a light lunch and a bottle of wine so I could get to know him. I was immediately comfortable and absolutely charmed by the man - his manners, humor and ability to engage me (despite being a professional woman, I am not a big talker when I first meet someone outside of my work and I am sometimes skittish) in a very comfortable and enjoyable conversation.. Alex is the consummate gentleman. Since our first meeting, I booked his company socially for a theater production and most recently, an extended date for dinner in followed by a night at the opera.

Our first two meetings included a leisurely restaurant meal with likely the best pairing of wine with a meal I have ever had. For our evening at the opera, however, I knew I was to be working later than usual and our leisurely restaurant experience was not in the cards.

It has always been one of my favorite guilty pleasures for a man prepare a gourmet dinner for me. When I shared that with Alex during our preparation for the evening, I was pleasantly surprised to find he was not only up to the task, but enthusiastic about indulging my request. After arranging for him to have access to my flat a couple of hours prior, I returned home from a challenging day at work to find a handsome and accomplished man who had easily navigated my kitchen, greeting me with a delectable meal of salmon, salad, fresh vegetables, melon and a well chilled Spanish Rosado beautifully laid out on my dining room table with the china, linens, crystal and silver I had laid out for him the night before.

As dinner drew to a close, we both quickly prepared for the opera. I emerged from my bedroom and he from the guest bedroom in our evening clothes. I was greeted by a wide smile and an almost shy, but very appreciative compliment for my efforts at choosing a figure revealing red dress and black pumps for the evening. It was wickedly hot at more than 100F that evening, and as such, he waited to put on his tie and jacket until we were inside the venue - a very sexy touch to watch a man tie a a perfect Windsor knot without having to look in a mirror, though I was wistful to see the buttons of his dress shirt slowly close to obscure the sprinkling of chest hair I had enjoyed viewing earlier in the evening.

It was an opera I had been wanting to see for some time, set in a beautiful venue. Arias that moved me with their beauty and emotional edge were interspersed with discreet caresses from my attentive companion to my arm, neck, and hair. It was one of the most sensual experiences I have had with my clothes intact.

The evening was balmy on our trip back to the car walking hand in hand, but not sweltering as when we arrived. On returning to my flat for coffee, we kept brushing against one another in my small, but functional, galley kitchen [...]

The rest of the evening was spent relaxing my tension and indulging my senses followed by more conversation and laughter as we consumed another serving of ripe watermelon and canteloupe in the kitchen.  It was a very sweet and very early morning departure as he bid me goodnight and I retired in preparation for work that day.

You must have membership to read the entire endorsement.
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« Reply #3 on: August 25, 2012, 01:05:40 PM »

Name and website of companion: Alex S. Logan,
Date, Location, and Duration of encounter: August, 2012; St. Louis, Mo, overnight

Photos and Description
Key descriptive statements from his website I found to be 100% accurate:
  • Well read
  • Well versed in the events and issues of the day
  • Enjoys exploring the mind because he finds that it enhances the pursuit of the sensual
  • Versatile enough for many roles

Inner dialogue: I must confess that I was initially intimidated by Mr. Logans intelligence and sophistication. The first time I browsed his website I felt his personality pop off the screen. I remember thinking this guy is outta my league. (Patience, this is a journey with an incredibly satisfying destination.)  I perused his website about six months before I began interacting with him on the Concierge du Monde forum.

What a flirt! This polymathic1 person is both a wit and a wise ass (irresistible combination).

From his photos I gleaned that he was about my height, maybe a few inches taller (Im 55, 1.651 m), and that I outweigh him (classified). I gaged his age to be close to mine (at the time of this writing, 47), perhaps a bit older.

#5855Shows how his bright smile lights up his face. You catch a glimpse of dark, wavy hair swept away from a high, intelligent forehead lightly etched with times touch. Thick brows framing eyes I was very curious to see up close.
#6034Depicts his generous nature, old world sophistication, and courtly manners.
#5763Gives the impression that Alex is up to something.

Inner dialogue: Before embarking on this journey, I assumed that should I ever decide to engage a companion that I would look for a young stud muffin with a chiseled body and a face that makes the angels weep. Well, yes, I still want that; who doesnt? What I was compelled to experience went far beyond aesthetics and I had no doubt that Alex could deliver.


When I was ready [...] you can bet I took my time to choose a man worthy of my trust, emotions, and self-esteem.

Physical Description
Warm, whiskey colored eyes that dance with mirth, radiate with intelligence, or burn with desire. Dark brown hair kept short, full mustache and close-trimmed beard distinguishably threaded with gray. Full lips inclined to curve into a warm, welcoming smile. Is Alex handsome? Yes.

Pre-date Communication
It may be true that I was predisposed toward being attracted to Alex. However, attraction is one-sided and I wondered if he would also be interested in me, or if chemistry might ignite between us.

We flirted a bit on the forum and then one evening I found a lovely welcome PM in my forum inbox. I giggled because it felt like the schools attractive brainiac passed me a note in class. I giggled again at his ASL at the end of the brief and very proper note.

Inner dialogue: ASL to me represents American Sign Language. That led me to think about talking using hands, which made me think about his hands, and it just went south from there.

I teased him about something, and then promised to behave. I knew our personalities were very compatible when I received the following reply: Dear god please don't behave. It might ruin my reputation as a companion.

In the beginning I let him know that I was not seeking the services of a companion. He replied that he appreciated my honesty and at the very least he has the chance to become friends with a lovely lady.

This guy puts the oo in smooth. I felt very comfortable exchanging emails filled with ideas, thoughts, events of the day, and random nothings. Oh, and flirting. Lots and lots of flirting. Im not sure how it happened exactly, but I decided I wanted to see Alex. Just like that. Bang! I set a date. He said okay.

Adrenaline rush.

I suggested we schedule a phone call, he agreed, and so we did. OhMyGod, Alex is a riot. I had the best time chatting with him. I laughed until my tummy hurt. He is a brainiac: Smart, clever, talkative - all that I adore. We chatted about everything and nothing, and all the stuff in between. I could sit back and go along for the ride, quip when I felt the urge, and ask questions as they arose. Alex is a very easy man to converse with.

About now you're probably thinking: What does Alex's voice sound like?

I would place Alex's pitch at first tenor. He has a rapid speech pattern synonymous with NY, and that NY accent has been softened only slightly after living several years in the Midwest.

Eureka! There is mutual online and verbal chemistry.

New concern: Will that translate to passion in person?

Planning the Date
I booked the hotel in St. Louis, purchased baseball game tickets, and then began the long wait. There are times when I have demonstrated patience immeasurable. This wasn't one of those times. Good thing Alex is skilled at engaging a woman's mind and imagination.

Show Time!
Attitude of Companion: Gracious, positive, easy-going.
How did the companion make you feel?  The moment Alex stepped into the room, I felt like a fantasy, a centerfold. Exactly where and with whom I wanted to be.

Those who have read my Reality Just Hit post can appreciate the magnitude of the centerfold statement.

Please Describe the Experience
I believe it is customary when greeting a companion for the first time to meet him on neutral ground. I am positive that for a patron who has never before engaged the company of a companion this is doubly true. However, waiting in a darkened room, dressed in vivid red lingerie, and having blindfolded myself before his arrival, appealed to my sense of wicked adventure. I have a vivid imagination: In my wildest of fantasies I could not have envisioned a more exquisite encounter.

Alex is a consummate professional who masterfully crafted our tte--tte with a director's eye for orchestrating a scene, an actor's skill for improvisation, and the intrinsic proprioception2 of a gymnast. Alex uses his body, and his environment, well.

Timing is everything. I had made it emphatically clear from the beginning that I neither wanted to make decisions nor did I want to concern myself with the details; for example, when to begin dressing or when to leave for the ball game. Alex managed our schedule with timely precision letting me remain in my sensual fog for as long as I chose. (And I did so choose.)

After Alex ran my bases, we watched the Cardinals and the Astros run bases at the new Busch Stadium. In addition, we watched batters hit home runs, fielders catch fly balls, and fans scramble for balls whacked into the stands. It was fun to to be a part of, and the home team delighted their fans by winning the game.

While the fans weaved their paths to sports bars, home, or destinations unknown, Alex and I  wended our way to Laclede's Landing. We strolled through the streets admiring buildings graced with the architectural styles of Gothic Revival, Federalist, or Italianate, tucked between the behemoths of a more modern era.  

As a highly lauded tourist destination one would assume Laclede's Landing would be teaming with activity. Much to my pleasure, it was a ghost town and we explored the area as might specters scoping out that evenings haunting grounds. Not far from the highway overpass in an otherwise empty parking garage, loomed a banshee screaming into the night.  

Inner dialogue: I am taking oodles of poetic license here. In reality, the banshee was a man blasting some urban beat out of his grossly under-powered car speakers. Fortunately for us, the decibel did not rupture our eardrums. Instead, it was our funny bones that were affected, and laughter ensued.

Alex took me to the the edge of the mighty Mississippi. Lights danced across the murky waters and a light breeze caressed our faces creating an extemporaneous moment now firmly etched in my memory. Strolling by the river and floating up hills (it's not entirely flat in Missouri) is thirsty work for specters. Fortunately, a local watering hole was serving frozen margaritas, beer, and other beverages for both humans and others alike.

Thirst quenched and ready to return to the realm of the living, we made our way back to the hotel. [...]

Would you recommend this companion to other ladies? Yes, without hesitation.

Notes to self
  • When switching off one's brain, one must remember to return it to the on position before gathering up belongings; or else risk losing sight of one's keys, parking ticket, and sense of direction.
  • Add to shopping list: waterproof mascara and eyeliner. (Wicked adventures tend to smear the regular types.)
  • When adjusting a room's temperature to accommodate one's personal power surges, which come close to the level of a nuclear meltdown, one must consider the likelihood that one's companion may not be prepared to sleep in temperatures akin to living in the Arctic tundra.
  • Never begin a course of antibiotics days before a date as it does questionable things to one's digestive system.
  • A truly freeing experience is to leave one's cell phone off.
  • The cell phone's GPS eats up battery power.
  • Mentioning baseball works magic when talking ones way out of a ticket.
  • One night with Alex isn't enough.

1 Polymath (Greek: πολυμαθής, polymathēs, "having learned much") is a person whose expertise spans a significant number of different subject areas.

2 Proprioception (Latin: proprius, meaning "one's own", "individual" and perception) is the sense of the relative position of ones body in space.

You must be a member to read the entire endorsement.
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« Reply #4 on: September 16, 2012, 08:47:45 AM »

Name and website of companion: Alex S. Logan,
Date, Location, and Duration of encounter: September, 2012; Monterey, Ca; Overnight
Were his photos and description accurate? Yes

Physical description of companion: Attractive. Full mustache and close-trimmed beard distinguishably threaded with gray, which frame full, kissable lips. Short, dark brown hair swept away from a high forehead. Rich, golden brown eyes with untold depth I feel compelled to explore.

Attitude of companion: Confident, easy-going, attentive. Sexy. Is sexy an attitude?

How did the companion make you feel?  Like an elegant lady

Inner dialogue: I must admit to being a tad bit nervous. Not the super-charged, adrenaline rush I experienced before our first (amazing) encounter. I suppose it is normal to think about things like; was our first date a fluke, or will I enjoy our second date as much as I did our first? I'm not normal, but you know that, right?

My mental chatter went more along these lines of I hope Alex enjoys himself. Did he last time? If actions speak louder than words, then I'd have to assume he did enjoy himself; else he wouldn't have booked with me again.

Please Describe the Experience
Alex arrived late, disturbed my slumber, and quite ruined my ability to focus on anything other than the man who was sleeping in my bed during the last conference sessions. (All according to plan, of course!) Alex infused my body with delicious sensory memories.

During that morning's conference sessions, those memories simply demanded to take the spotlight and insisted on distracting me when I should have been focused on the speakers. (Honestly, my remembrances were much more captivating than was that morning's subject matter.)

Eventually the conference ended and the last hangers-on, chatting about all the new ideas they wanted to take back to their offices, disbanded. I said my last good-bye before dashing for the elevators. Judging by the smiles from both the hotel staff and guests, I am convinced that they thought I was up to mischief of some sort. Then again, maybe they were simply responding to my mile-wide grin. 

Finally, I am at the threshold of our room and magically the key card works the first try. I barged into the room and, overcome with eager anticipation, I strongly encouraged Alex to ready himself.

He quickly obliged, and then Alex escorted me to the Monterey Bay Aquarium. It was fantastic. There was lots to see, many quality exhibits to explore. I particularly enjoyed the jellyfish displays, such etherial yet alien-like creatures. I can watch them for hours (I didn't), and Alex indulged me for as long as I stood mesmerized.  We saw all that we wanted to see, and then wended our way back to the hotel where Alex proceeded to indulge me once again, thoroughly and completely.

Before long, it was time to dress for dinner. While readying myself, I could see Alex through a mirror (which reflected the glass inset of a door that was angled perfectly) and watched as he button his shirt and fasten gold cuff links to the French cuffs. (Alex didn't know it, so don't tattle on me, okay?) I like watching a man dress, and I especially enjoy watching them knot their tie.

Alex called for the car and we made our way downstairs to where our chariot awaited. From the smiles and well wishes for a lovely evening from the valet staff, I believe we made an attractive couple. Either that or my pheromones were so strong that everyone within a six mile radius received the broadcast of my state of sated bliss. I am hoping it was the former.

Inner dialogue: I worried over what we would talk about during dinner at Aubergine at L'Auberge in Carmel. Most of my dinner conversation for the past 12 years or so has consisted of things like this is your napkin and that is your sleeve, please do not confuse them; and elbows off the table. Scintillating conversationalist, -eh? I fervently hoped that when I open my mouth to speak, something normal would come out.

Alex not only looked the gentleman, he acted the gentleman as well. One moment that stands out in my mind is when I excused myself momentarily from the table and he stood when I rose. Never having been the recipient of such courtly manners before, I couldn't help but feel both flattered, and every inch the elegant lady.

As before, I placed the decision making firmly in the hands of my companion. However, by this time I had every intention of putting Alex out of my misery and make my own decision on what to order for dinner. Really. Except that I forgot my glasses and I couldn't see a damn thing, not even the part in bold font. Do you think he believed it was an accident? I don't think so, either - but it was! Ever the gentleman, Alex ordered for me a most delectable meal and we shared an amazing bottle of wine. Oh yeah, about that wine? Did I mention that it was beyond delicious? I'm positive that the sommelier enjoyed looking down dcolletage, because my glass was always full and somehow I managed to drink more than my share.

Needless to say, Alex drove an extremely happy, slightly inebriated but still elegant lady back to the hotel. I'm not exactly sure how other elegant ladies thank their courtly gentlemen for a lovely night out. I demonstrate my gratitude in several deliciously naughty ways.

Fear not, dear patrons who are planning future encounters with Alex: he still lives and breathes. Mostly.

Would you recommend this companion to other ladies? Yes
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« Reply #5 on: October 20, 2013, 03:20:10 PM »

Like Water for Chocolate
Long before we were to meet, Alex began getting into character. Weeks before our tryst, he began building the storyline, creating reasons and motivation that would lend credence to his actions and my reactions.

He knows his role well, improvising as the nuances of our play evolved. I, his leading lady in this play, came to the set without having seen the script, let alone knowing my lines.  Fortunately, in this production as I understood it, mine was not a speaking role.


I leaned against a pillar in the baggage claim area, keeping an eye out for the arrival of Master Alex. It wasnt long before an attractive man caught and held my gaze. A grin split my face, hes here, its real. After retrieving his bag from the conveyer belt, we walked hand-in-hand through the terminal, and then out to the parking to where our chariot awaited.

Inner discourse: Chariot sounds so much better than what is my beat-up, every-day driver. Its got character, Ill say that. You can hear the road noise, the door panel coverings have peeled away, and there are all sorts of squeaks, rattles, and groans, to keep things interesting. Regardless of the dilapidated condition of this vehicle, for the next two days it was, in spirit if not in fact, our chariot.

Act 1, Scene 1
An evocative sex shop sits on the fringe of the gay district not far from the zoo. Theres an irony there that Ill just skirt. Moving on.

The shop was surprisingly busy for a Sunday afternoon, a particularly attractive woman joined us in the whip section while we browsed floggers, crops, and other interesting implements. I briefly considered asking her if she wanted to discuss the merits of the various items, but refrained. I kept fingering the floggers made of suede, oh and sniffing the earthy leather scents wafting from all of the various apparatus of discipline and items of clothing. Master Alex selected a particularly robust flogger; the long, thin leather strips stiff and thick.

Thats a serious flogger.
Its gonna smart. . .


Alex S. Logan

October 13, 2013
San Diego, Ca; Overnight

Were his photos and description accurate? Yes

Physical description of companion:
Full, closely-trimmed  mustache and beard distinguishably threaded with gray, which frame full, kissable lips. Short, dark brown hair swept away from a high forehead. Rich, golden brown eyes.

Attitude of companion:
Masterful, attentive, compelling, adventurous, sensual

Would you recommend this companion to other ladies?
In a New York minute

We left the shop with packages in hand, and then drove off to enjoy sushi. I added a beer to my order - false courage? Damn straight! I probably could have continued driving us around, it was only one beer, after all. But, I log a lot of miles behind the wheel, and I truly appreciate it when someone else takes over driving duty. Alex tooled my pathetic car, -er, I mean our chariot, skillfully to the hotel.

Act 1, Scene 2
After settling into the room, Master Alex proceed to instill into me the virtues of manners, obedience, and patience. I understand the idea of the aforementioned virtues, but its clearly evident that I require extensive training if Im to acquire these virtues.

Inner discourse: Without my even realizing it, Ive slipped into the role of pet. Wet tongue and wagging tail, I want nothing more than to please my Master.

I think I might have learned a smidgen of obedience. Well, okay, so I forgot to remove the hair tie after my shower when he had indicated that he prefers I wear my hair loose. Strike one.

His fingers sliding the band from my hair feels good. My hair feathering around my face and neck feels sensual. My breath pants softly between slightly parted lips. Im awash in sensation. On tenterhooks, anticipating what will happen next. Will it be [...].

Try as he might to guide me toward patience, Master Alexs skillful hands instead [...], I quietly hope that I have more to atone for.

Inner discourse: Im dead. Truly, that was one helluva workout! Maybe I can nap while Alex watches the playoffs. Im totally good with that. I gaze longingly at the pillows.

Master Alex has other plans that do not include snuggling into the blankets. In fact, these plans were spelled out to me in a prior conversation. I am blindfolded, my hands cuffed behind my back, and my ankles cuffed to a spreader bar. Thankfully, I am bent over the seat of a cushy chair. I hear Master Alex switch on the TV and settle onto the bed. I sink into my space and attempt to doze.

Inner discourse: I cant speak, but what if I need something? What if I need a drink of water, or help moving my hair out of my mouth? I need some kind of signal.

Note to self: Next time arrange a signal ahead of time.

Half an hour into my timeout, I hear a knock on the door. Room service with those extra towels I requested?

What? Master Alex is opening the door [...]? Hes greeting someone effusively. Seriously? Who could this possibly be? Has he invited a friend over to watch the game while I moon the room at large?

Well, hello Kat O9Tales!

Act 2, Scene 1
I know that voice, though I have never heard it before.

What have we here? Shes in timeout? There is no denying the powerful presence emanating from the person who entered my sphere of cognizance. I know whom it is. A huge, silly grin splits my face. I have no idea how Master Alex has pulled this surprise off.

Inner discourse: I cannot speak, so I cannot greet our guest. But isnt that bad manners? I remain in character, I want to be a good pet, I want Master Alex to be pleased with his pet. Okay, truth is I would consider it a success if I simply refrained from making an egregious mistake.

I listened to them admire the blush that tinged my cheeks. [...].

"She can take a hit." I think I heard a hint of disappointment in our guests voice because I didnt make any sound. Master Alex explained that I wasnt allowed to make noise.
What can I say? Alex truly is more addictive than cocaine.

Inner discourse: ^&^&#((@))!!! Ouch that hurt! But did I say anything? Nope, not a word. I didnt even moan or groan. I was too busy trying to breathe! Dang, our guest packed a lot of power into those swats!

The spotlight moved from [...]. I listen to the conversation with half an ear until our guest announced: You know, I love it when a sub licks my shoes.

Inner discourse: Doing! Went my brain. Lick shoes? Thats so not on my list bucket list.

You may speak. You may remain in timeout, or you may lick our guests shoes. The choice is yours, Master Alexs voice pierced my stymied brain. Suddenly, an alien force took over my will. Truly, there is no other way to explain away the words that tumbled from my lips.

I reposition myself while our guest washes her shoes. Upon her return, she instructed me to treat her heel as if it were [...]. From their admiring responses, when it comes to [...] a 3 heel I appear to have some skill. One can only [...] a shoe for so long before one becomes, well, done with it. I dutifully continued; however, I placed my hand on her ankle and began to lightly trace her foot and instep with my fingertips.

Our guest decided that she liked the idea of my caressing her legs, and then proceeded to instruct me on exactly how she liked it. The tactile sensation of her hose against my hands combined with the rhythm and pace of stroking her legs sent me into the zone. I was startled from my mindless haze when our guest ask me if I liked caressing her legs. Knowing I couldnt speak, and that I would be considered ill-mannered if I didnt respond, I nodded my head. Whew! I got around that one.

Tell me how it feels to caress my legs, she asserts.

You may speak, Master Alex instructs.

Uh... Think, think words, use words. It feels good.

What feels good? She maintains.

Suddenly, the synapses in my brain begins to fire again and the pathways from that sluggish brain to my mouth unblock. I like the way the weft of your stockings feels against the palms of my hands.

Inner discourse: Whew, I did it! I strung a proper sentence together. Whats more, I didnt offend or disobey anyone in the process.

Alas, it was time for our guest to take her leave. I really liked how you caressed my legs, she announced as she was preparing to leave. If I had chocolate, I would feed it to you as a reward. I felt proud of myself. Just her announcement that she wanted to feed me chocolate as a reward was as good as actually being fed chocolate from her hand.

After our guest left, Master Alex rewarded me most pleasurably for a job well done.

Act 2, Scene 2
After a pleasurable interlude, we showered and dressed for dinner. Feeling a might-bit boneless, I could have climbed back into bed and ordered room service. However, the lure of dining at Georges Ocean Terrace, a place Ive heard about but never tried, was far too tempting. So, off we went. Im always over warm, and dining al fresco appealed to me. Fortunately for Master Alex, there were heaters strategically placed to ward off the chill of the evening.

Master Alex ordered Piper-Heidsieck champagne for us to enjoy with dinner. Delicious. I know that I ordered something. (I did this time, really! I didnt make Master Alex order for me.) Im fairly sure that I enjoyed it. But, I dont remember. Therefore, I believe I dined on champagne. I wasnt driving, so while Master Alex sipped his cappuccino, I finished off the remains of his glass, too. I know, I know . . .  Im a lush! (Luscious?)

Act 2, Scene 3
Back at the hotel, Master Alex led a worn out and slightly tipsy pet to our room. I dont know where he gets his energy, but he managed to [...]. Perhaps it was the champagne, maybe it was that I was tired - Id had quite a workout earlier in the evening, after all! I cant say exactly what it was, only that I was so very relaxed that [...]. Oh, maybe it wasnt my state of being, maybe it was the skills Master Alex has honed. Really, what does it matter? I was [...].

Act 3, Scene 1
I slept until 9:30. Master Alex, remarkably alert (how does he do that?) subject me to [...]. Clearly, that wasnt enough, because then he felt the need to [...]. It was a couple of hours before we were dressed and pressed, checked out of the hotel, and heading for coffee. Intense lessons in manners, obedience, and patience win out over coffee every time.

Act 3, Scene 2
We moseyed into the Livingroom Coffeehouse and Bistro. I ordered a latte and Alex went for the Mexican mocha - made with Ibarra, a brand of Mexican chocolate with a touch of cinnamon. We sat on the patio sipping our coffees and easing into the day. I dont know exactly why, but I love drinking coffee outside. Even better when Im drinking coffee outside in the company of a favorite companion.

We wandered around Old Town, poking into shops to see what treasures we might find. While most places this time of year begin decorating for Halloween, Old Town is getting all gussied up to celebrate Dia de los Muertos, Day of the Dead, which takes place on November 1 and 2. I paid close attention to the various images and sculptures of skulls decorated with flowers and repeating geometric patterns, because Im thinking about replicating that look for my Halloween costume this year.

Master Alex was even willing to follow me into a yarn shop! We were all set to explore the wonders that are hanks of colorfully dyed wool, knitting needles, and various sundries, when much to my sorrow, the business was defunct..Sigh.

Just the fact that he was will to indulge me one of my passions when the event loomed mind-numbing for him made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Act 3, Scene 3
One of my favorite restaurants in San Diego is Old Town Mexican Cafe. When it came time to think about lunch, guess where we went? After being seated, we scored a couple of Pacificos, and munched on chips, salsa, and guacamole, while we waited for server to bring the fish tacos we ordered.

Master Alex mentioned that a friend of his put in a request for a  few Sees Butterscotch Lollies. Time for a road trip to the nearest Sees Candy Shoppe! It was a long, complicated drive to the Sees on Rosecrans. (Not really. It was just a few minutes away.) The sales clerk gave us chocolate truffles to sample before ringing up the sale. Alex gave me his. Clearly, he understands what chocolate means to his pet. I savored the confection as if our guest herself had fed them to me.

Purchase complete, we headed back to the car, and then off to the airport. I hate the goodbye part. Thoughts of kidnapping Alex, checking into another hotel room, and having my wicked way with him, nearly became a reality. What can I say? Alex truly is more addictive than cocaine.

Alex put a lot of effort into our tryst. From coming up with tasks for me to perform, to skillfully applying his knowledge and skills with weapons of mass pleasure, to orchestrating a cameo visit with our guest, Alex endeavored to create a pleasurable and memorable experience for me. It takes energy to sustain focused energy on a task for an extended period of time. Alex directed all of his attention on me; my wants, needs, desires, and fantasies, were his only concern. It takes a lot of mental gymnastics to engage in this kind of play. I have personal experience that Alex is quite adept with gymnastics that are cerebral in nature. Oh, and  body wise, too.

Master . . . . . . . . . . . Alex S. Logan
Pet . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Kat O9Tales
Cameo appearance by Mistress Chase

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